Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So Much For "It's Just a Movie!"

In the age of Michael Moore, Oliver Stone, and an avalanche of preachy left-wing movies, Warner Brothers has suddenly decided it doesn't want to try to influence the outcome of a presidential election. The studio has put the kibosh on promotion of the first DVD release of the 1987 movie The Hanoi Hilton, which features an interview with John McCain about his experiences as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

"It's just us trying to be cautious and not affect the election one way or the other," Warner Brothers home entertainment division spokes-person Ronnee Sass claimed laughably. Noting the prevalence and heavy promotion of left-wing movies, conservative filmmaker Lionel Chetwynd, who recorded the McCain interview for the DVD release, comments: "Finding someone in Hollywood who says they don't want to affect the election is like finding a virgin in a brothel."

So Hollywood is afraid a DVD will sway a presidential election toward the Republican candidate. Remember this the next time the purveyors of smut and sleaze tell you movies don't affect people's behavior.

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  1. In related news, Oliver Stone's "W" won't be released until after the election.