Saturday, October 11, 2008

Oncoming Election, Part II

Ha-haaaaaaaah, just cancelled out somebody's Obama vote!

Yes, although I love the civic ritual of traveling out to the polling place and punching the card (we have that, and not the lever-pull system in Idaho), this time I voted absentee, lest the pressures of work conspire against me on Election Day.

And hopefully, all you conservatives out there will also vote in this critical election. Just because we didn't get the pick of the litter as our nominee is no excuse for sitting this one out. We found out eight years ago the liberals are prepared to propel the country into a constitutional crisis just to get back into the White House; just because they didn't make it then, doesn't mean they won't try it again. We can expect to see convicted felons, non-citizens, dogs, children and dead people turning up at the polling places this November. That means every conservative vote counts. Staying home on Election Day is the same as voting for Obama.

The party that places its own interests above those of the nation must not be allowed to win. So go out there and vote!

(Unless you're a liberal, in which case, by all means, stay at home.)

UPDATE: Houston, Texas: 4,000 dead people are discovered on the voter rolls. Kansas City, Missouri: election officials receive a huge wodge of voter registration forms from ACORN, many of which are turning out to be fraudulent. Cleveland, Ohio: ACORN bribes 19-year-old Freddie Johnson into registering to vote 72 times.

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  1. The Democrats have succeeded in propelling us into yet another crisis this time around, though I doubt they ever dreamed the timing would be so convenient. It will be a bitter irony if the party that got us into this mess and ignored warnings of its coming is rewarded, while the party that tried to avert it and issued warnings against it is punished. You're right, every conservative vote counts, or we have only ourselves to blame if we don't like the outcome.