Thursday, October 02, 2008

Creeping Toward Winter

A sure sign that autumn is here, and the mercury on the thermometer will soon be dropping, even amid summer heat's last hurrah: the end of irrigation season.

Dozens of irrigation canals like this one, and countless ditches, run all over Southern Idaho, and even the city of Boise. When the water starts flowing, you know the grays of winter will soon give way to green, growing things; when the water recedes, you know winter is on the way back. The Nampa-Meridian Irrigation District's main artery shuts down today; by this time next week, the canals and ditches will all be dry.

After weeks of whining and moaning about the heat (oppressive for Idaho, hovering around 100), pretty soon now we'll be able to settle back into our usual routine of whining about the cold.