Saturday, February 26, 2022

On Masking Up

The story is out that the CDC is relaxing its masking guidelines.  Well, pin a rose on them.

I hate the covid mask with every fiber of my being.  With every fiber of my being, I hate, loathe, despise, execrate and in all other ways cannot stand the mask.  It is the imposition of the last two years that I have hated above all other impositions that have affected me personally.  Even not being able to go to Mass and receive the Sacraments during the time when the churches were closed did not trigger the internal temper tantrum in me that being forced to cover my nose and mouth does.  What this indicates about my priorities may not be much to my credit.

The mask is an unprecedented intrusion onto our persons, that has set us up to accept the even grosser intrusion on our persons that is forced vaccinations.  It's one thing to have a dress code; it's quite something else to make people cover up orifices that God intended to be exposed to the open air for our survival.  And in consenting to this, we have completely taken leave of our senses.  It is a one-size-fits-all "remedy" imposed on everyone with utter disregard to individual needs and sensibilities.  It is claimed, incredibly, that a mask does not restrict our breathing, when clearly it does.  Thus, besides the proverbial nitwits driving alone in a car with a mask, we have seen the spectacle of people exercising and playing sports and engaging in other high-intensity physical activity with masks on, somehow convinced that this is compatible with, and indeed necessary for, health.  We see pregnant women restricting their oxygen flow with masks.  As a fat broad, I need more oxygen, not less; yet, during this "pandemic," I have been forced to attend in-person court with a filthy mask that not only turns me into a faceless cypher and diminishes my courtroom presence but fogs up my glasses and gives me a headache at a time when I need to be concentrating on giving my clients the best representation I can.  But, it is replied, doctors and nurses mask up in surgical theaters for hours at a time, and it doesn't hurt them!  The rejoinder is that an operating room has extra oxygen pumped in to compensate for the covered noses and mouths.  This setup does not exist in a courtroom, or pretty much anywhere else.  We have even been stupid enough to require masking in security-intensive places, like banks, where up to now face coverings had been illegal -- for what used to be obvious reasons.

The mask also has dire psychological consequences that nobody seems to want to talk about.  It is bad for children and their development to have to mask up -- and they, very sensibly, hate masks -- and to not be able to see the faces of others.  The wearing of masks to avoid being contaminated by other human beings is a superstitious practice, which is a sin.  The ostracizing and public shaming of anyone who doesn't want to wear a mask is an outrage against charity.  The mask is a sign of fear and hatred (yes, hatred) and suspicion of our fellow man.  It robs us of our individual identities.  It robs us of our common sense: why are we taking portraits and publicity photos in masks?  It turns on its head the (rightful) cultural perception of hiding our faces as a sign of shame, dishonesty and criminality.  It stifles communication and meaningful human interaction.  It's a form of ritual humiliation. It wasn't that long ago that we all understood this as it relates to countries where women are forbidden to show their faces in public; but now that understanding is out the window.  I personally feel very humiliated by having to cover my face, even where everyone else is forced to do the same.  If I were forced to go around wearing a dunce cap, or wearing my underwear over my head, the fact that everyone else had to do the same wouldn't make it any less humiliating.  The worst outrage of all is to see clerics masking up at Mass.  How this is not yet another slap in the face of Jesus Christ present on the altar is beyond me.

What about the efficacy of masks?  To begin with, we were told that it was useless; then the Powers that Shouldn't Be did an about-face and told us we would Kill Grandma without it -- these same Powers who are all in favor of using physicians to euthanize that same Grandma.  It is worth noting that these Powers are also the same who, claiming the greatest knowledge of The Bug and how to beat it, do not fear the risk of contagion enough to mask up themselves, or to follow any other restriction that they blithely place on the rest of us.  But even if masks did function as intended, there must surely come a point when their health benefits are outweighed by their dehumanizing effects.  Did we ever really believe that it's better to die on our feet than live on our knees bowed to tyranny?  If the last two years are anything to go by, that's just a lot of hot air.  Evidently, love of pleasure, fear of death and horror of eternity are more important than leading a worthy life.

The covid mask is humiliating.  It is dehumanizing.  It is stupid.  It is prideful (we know better than the God Who made us about being able to breathe freely and show our faces).  It looks like an S&M fetish (especially the black ones so popular with professionals). It is far more harmful than the disease it is alleged to combat.  It is the product of evil people bent on tyranny.

And it's time we face up to all that.

Convert us, O God, and shew us Thy face, and we shall be saved.  Psalm 79:4

Make Thy face to shine upon Thy servant; save me in Thy mercy.  Psalm 30:17

Let God arise, and let His enemies be scattered; and let them that hate Him flee from before His face.  Psalm 67:2

Friday, February 25, 2022


I do not completely understand the politics between Russia and Ukraine, even after having it explained to me.  

But I can see that there has long been an effort underway to cajole us into supporting an American military intervention in the event Russia invaded Ukraine, and there is a Big Party Line that we are supposed to adopt now that this has happened.

I do not think I am equipped to opine as to which side is in the right in this conflict.  But after two solid years of wall-to-wall lies out of government, big business and their publicity agents in the "news" media, I am hard-pressed to see why I should believe anything they say about this affair now, or go in the direction to which they are now trying to drive me.  

Meanwhile, at least it's reassuring to know that while the world is melting down, the Catholic hierarchy is hard at work on projects that really matter, like stamping out the traditional Mass in parochial churches, and the Synod on Synodality.  


Monday, February 21, 2022

The Truths of the Moment

  1. The purpose of a militarized police force is to make war on the citizenry.  
  2. A militarized police force is willing to make war on its own people, even in Canada.
  3. Most of us live and work within easy reach of a militarized police force.
  4. Big business, especially the banking industry, wields the coercive police powers of the state.
  5. The "emergency" for which the reputed bastard son of Fidel Castro has invoked emergency powers is manifestly not an existential threat to Canada, but a political emergency for him, which is all the justification a tyrant needs.
  6. It is to the everlasting discredit of the Canadian parliament that it failed to reject instantly Fidel Jr.'s blatantly rogue seizure of supreme dictatorship.  UPDATE: Canada's parliament voted to extend emergency powers 30 days.
  7. "Enlightenment" liberalism was always going to bring us to this point.
  8. Our "democratic" "Enlightenment" form of government, with all its "safeguards" against tyranny, has not only utterly failed to protect us against tyranny, it has been the means of opening us up to it.
  9. Our rulership hates our stinking guts.
  10. Political solutions to our present predicament are insufficient by themselves.
  11. As long as we fail, both as individuals and as nations, to acknowledge and submit to the Kingship of Christ, this state of affairs will continue no matter what we do. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

A Third Thought about the Moment of Truth: Have You Noticed?

Have you noticed that in his address to the nation announcing emergency powers, Justine never once mentions the threat of contagion posed by truckers not masking up, not socialist-distancing and generally breaking pandemic restrictions?

Further proof that the restrictions are about control and have nothing to do whatsoever with stopping the spread of any disease.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Another Thought about Canada's Moment of Truth: Canadians, What Do You Think?

In his address to the nation yesterday announcing his decision to invoke what are tantamount to wartime emergency powers, Justine Trudeau rattled off a list of entities and persons that he consulted before taking this decision: Cabinet, caucus, premiers from all provinces and territories, and opposition leaders.  

As an outsider to Canadian politics, and no expert, I'm interested to know what my Canadian readers think about this.  What do you think these various parties told Justine to do?  Do you think most of them warned him not to do this?  The premier of Quebec, at any rate, has come out and said he disagrees with it.  Do you think any of them encouraged him to invoke emergency powers?  If so, was it in the (well-founded) hope that he will thereby bring about his own downfall?  Is his own party getting sick of him?  Who is waiting in the wings to replace him?

Let me know what you think.

Moment of Truth


Now that Justine Trudeau has invoked never-before-used emergency powers to put down the trucker uprising, the moment of truth has come for Canada.

The double standard here is obvious.  The same creature who has publicly supported actual mobs burning down cities for political ends is prepared to brutally suppress a groundswell of his own citizens who want only to recover their normal lives.  The same creature who has spent the last two years depriving people of their ability to earn a living and take care of their daily affairs is suddenly concerned with the disruptions caused by thousands of big rigs parked in city streets.

Yes, the protests have brought gridlock to Ottawa and to border crossings into the United States, and yes, they have made a lot of noise.  Still, there is any number of live-streams out of Ottawa and the border crossings showing that there is no violence or lawlessness on the part of the protesters.  The protesters are carrying signs, waving flags, singing the national anthem, dancing, socializing, feeding each other hot food, setting up bounce houses and play areas for kids, shoveling snow, picking up trash, and generally engaging in a lot of the normal behaviors that have been suppressed without sufficient reason over the last two years.

It is against this that Justine seeks to mobilize all the coercive powers at his command, following in the footsteps of his reputed biological father, Fidel Castro.  Now millions of Canadian citizens -- regardless of whether they support the Freedom Convoy -- are confronted with the stark, undisguised reality of the tyranny they live under.  Now each and every member of the armed forces and the various police services of Canada are confronted with a choice: whether, on the orders of a superior, they will wage war against their own people that they swore to protect and to serve.

Whatever else happens to anybody else, this draconian response of Justine's to barbecues and bouncy castles is not going to end well for him.  There is the possibility, however unlikely, that the crown may be moved to use its reserve powers to intervene in the interests of peace.  There is also the possibility that he will fail to turn the armed forces and the police against their own people, in which case his impotence and his illegitimacy will be established beyond any possible doubt.  In either case, his political career comes to a well-deserved end.  In my humble opinion, these are actually the best-case scenarios for Trudeau, now that he has chosen the path he has chosen.  

On the other hand, if Justine is able to make the armed forces and the police obey his directives, I think events will quickly spin out of his control.  Canadians are known for having a very long fuse.  They have demonstrated this in their compliance with mandates over the last two years, and continue to demonstrate it in the peacefulness of their current protest.  The fact that so many of them have gone as far as they have in mounting even this peaceful popular uprising shows that they are already much provoked.  Anyone with a molecule of common sense knows there is nothing more foolhardy than to stir up the ire of people with long fuses.  But Justine evidently lacks that molecule and does not see the risk of radicalizing Canadians.  If he wages physical war against ordinary Canadians, he may well unleash a very ugly response that he does not expect and cannot cope with.  The wrath of the Canadian people, pushed to their final throw, will be swift and terrible.  Justine could ignite a civil war.

Canada needs prayer: that the people on the ground will do what is right, and that any bad consequences land only where they are deserved.

Sunday, February 06, 2022

Ordinary Citizens: The Greatest Threat to Civilization Today

UPDATE 2/7/2022: yesterday's Freedom Convoy address to the nation.

Been watching some live-streams from Ottawa.  Since there is a blackout being run by the increasingly irrelevant Legacy Media, lots of ordinary citizens with smart phones are picking up the slack.  If you want to know what is happening in Canada's capital, there is any number of YouTube channels running video of the Freedom Convoy.

Watch what's going on, and take careful note of what is and what isn't happening in Ottawa.  Compare and contrast to the George Floyd riots and Marxist takeovers of city blocks of 2020.  

I have admittedly not watched hours and hours of footage, but in what I have watched, I have searched in vain for signs of:

- Burning buildings

- Burning flags

- Rock throwing

- Molotov cocktails

- Overturned cars

- Tweakers

- Twerkers

- Assaults

- Destruction of monuments

- Destruction of any property, public or private

- Vandalism

- Garbage on the streets

- Angry people

The fact that the legacy media isn't all over the Convoy story proves that none of these things are happening.  On the other hand, these are things I have seen:

- Lots of big rigs (not, by the way, all honking simultaneously)

- Lots of people walking casually, apparently unafraid

- Lots of kids

- Bounce houses and play areas for kids

- Food tents

- Music playing

- People singing and dancing, even in the freezing cold

- People carrying signs and waving flags

- Clean streets (though lots of signs have been stuck -- not permanently -- on fences)

In short, a lot of ordinary citizens in solidarity and having a good time: this in itself is an act of defiance, since it is precisely the thing our Rulers and Masters have been trying to prevent us from doing for the last two years.  Although the truckers and other citizens make no bones about what it is they are there to accomplish, the whole thing looks more like a gigantic street fair than a protest.  This, apparently, is what an enemy occupation and a threat to Western civilization looks like from the point of view of the commie-pinko Trudeau regime, which applauds destroyers like BLM and Antifa.

Today is day 10 of the protest, and there is zero violence and zero destruction going on.  If there is any violence or destruction in the Convoy, it will be the government that puts it there.

Which God forbid.

Saturday, February 05, 2022

When Marching Matters

Interestingly, I am only now, with the release of the above video, learning about the march on Washington, D.C. of about 40,000 opponents of vaccine mandates that took place on January 23d.  Nope, no media blackout here!

Just like there is no media blackout on the Freedom Convoy in Canada, except to deplore the "lawless," "racist," "homophobic," "mysogynist" truckers (the Convoy's lead organizer is a woman, and the truckers come from all races and walks of life), and scrounge for the meager disapproving finger-waggers here and there amongst the mostly-supportive Canadian citizenry.  There is also no media blackout on the fact that, week after week, thousands are taking to the streets in cities all over Europe to demand an end to medical dictatorship...oh wait, you mean you didn't know that?

But every time somebody who opposed vaxx mandates dies of The Bug, it makes headlines, as if to prove that Questioning the "Science" kills.

Now, I was never a fan of marching and demonstrating, ever since my college days.  It always struck me as symbolism over substance, as the late, great Rush used to call it: a way of seeming to be addressing some problem without undergoing the risks and undertaking the toil and the grime involved in actually addressing it.  Carrying signs against South African Apartheid at Cal State Northridge, under the eyes of no one who was in a position to do anything whatsoever about it, accomplished nothing.  "Raising awareness" is not real action, especially when everybody is already painfully aware of the problem in question.  But at least it has the benefit of making awareness raisers feel good about themselves.

This time, however, it's different.  When it comes to resisting branch covidianism, marches and demonstrations are not mere "awareness" raising, and they are not merely symbolic.  They are concrete acts of defiance against abuses of authority.  It is precisely the right of peaceable assembly that has been under attack these last two years.  In addition to being instrumental in carrying out the most massive looting operation in history, the purpose of locking everyone down and forcing them to mask up and socialist-distance has been to isolate people, prevent them from finding out how many other like-minded citizens there are, and gathering to resist.  These assemblages of throngs of people, packed together in close proximity, interacting and breathing the free air as God intended, are precisely what their rulers do not want.  In this situation, marching and demonstrating are substantive acts of resistance.  Besides serving as a last-ditch effort to petition the government for a redress of grievances, they make the people ungovernable by the tyrants, which is exactly the appropriate response to tyranny.

And there is a real risk in doing this.  As long as demonstrators serve the purposes of the tyrants -- and they often do, as 2020 showed us -- they are in no danger; but as soon as they cross the tyrants, it's a different story.  What, for example, will the Trudeau government do about the Freedom Convoy?  There has already been talk of calling in the military.  Trudeau is denying current plans to do so, though in language that suggests he is not decisively ruling it out.  What will the army do if it is called in?  How much of it has been co-opted by the enemies of the people?  This will be the moment of truth for thousands of Canadian soldiers, who probably did not think they joined up in order to make war on their own countrymen.  Will they do so anyway, like the police in Australia have been doing since this whole thing started?  Only time will tell.

This is one situation where marching really does matter.  It is heartening to see that more people than we think are opposed to the direction our rulers are trying to take us, and are willing to put their money where their mouth is.  God protect them all.

Wednesday, February 02, 2022

The Big Rig Counter-Revolution

Thousands of big rigs have converged on Ottawa, the capital of Canada, and have blockaded the Alberta border crossing into Montana at Coutts, to demand an end to the draconian branch covidianism that has oppressed Canadians for the last two years.  Up to now, the Canadians have been largely compliant with their government's demands, with 78% of the population, and about 90% of truckers, being vaccinated; moreover, Canadians are known for being nice, polite and easy-going.  But at this writing, those Canadians who have made their opinion known appear overwhelmingly to support the Convoy, even in the face of obvious personal inconvenience.  Ottawa is a vast parking lot, with thousands of pedestrians demonstrating, contrary to restrictions, and truckers prepared with plenty of supplies to wait out the government.  Hillary White, a native of British Columbia, comments on the strict discipline and detailed preparedness of the truckers.  The truckers blockading the border crossing in Alberta have opened up one road for the benefit of the 200 or so locals, but otherwise have voted to face down the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  The word going out on social media is that the RCMP is unable to find a towing company willing to travel to the border to remove trucks, despite offering four times the market rate for the job.  In the circumstances, we can assume that for the Canadians to take steps like these, they have, by any objective standard, been mightily provoked.

The corporate media coverage devoted to the Convoy is nothing compared to the 24/7, wall-to-wall coverage devoted to leftist-loving non-events like the January 6th "insurrection" and "Russia-gate," and is biased as one would expect.  Many of the few stories about the Freedom Convoy that one turns up via Google are days old.  One story, dramatically headlined "Police Move In as Public Turns on Truckers Blocking Alberta-Montana Border", extrapolates to "the public" from the comments of two (2) alleged truckers and a couple of members of the Alberta provincial government.  Meanwhile, film and still shots on the ground show large crowds of flag-waving, sign-carrying supporters lining the Convoy route in arctic temperatures to cheer the truckers on their way.

So far, Justine Trudeau (who claims to have covid, despite being triple-vaxxed) has responded to the protests by (a) going into hiding, (b) calling in the RCMP to deal with the border blockade, and (c) doubling down on the covidianism.  The government is announcing that, so far from backing down on vaxx mandates, it is considering implementing an even stricter mandate on truckers traveling between provinces (functionally, all truckers).  This obvious use of vaccine mandates as a tool of retaliation and punishment proves that their real purpose is control, and nothing to do with stopping the spread of any virus.

Contrary to how Justine Trudeau and his cronies and allies would like to portray the Freedom Convoy, this is not a "fringe minority" movement or some type of revolution.  It is a counter-revolution against the Marxist takeover of Canada, and it is taking hold all over the world.  In stories even harder to find objective coverage on than the Canadian Convoy, the Australians have organized their own convoy to Canberra, and there is word of a convoy to Washington, D.C.  Meanwhile, unless you do your own digging, you would never know that, week after week, thousands of marchers have been taking to the streets in cities all over Europe to demand an end to the Great Reset.

People are waking up, and rising up, all over the world; but right now, it is the Canadians, of all people, who occupy center stage.  Now that Canadians have thrown down the gauntlet, the ball is in Justine's court.  He may be a coward, but he is a tool of the World Economic Forum and head of a government that has already proven itself willing to burn down its own house for the sake of ideology, so Canada needs our prayers.  We will see if Justine is prepared to call out the military to deal with the Freedom Convoy.  Then the big story will be whether or not the army and the police are willing to wage war on their own people.