Saturday, February 05, 2022

When Marching Matters

Interestingly, I am only now, with the release of the above video, learning about the march on Washington, D.C. of about 40,000 opponents of vaccine mandates that took place on January 23d.  Nope, no media blackout here!

Just like there is no media blackout on the Freedom Convoy in Canada, except to deplore the "lawless," "racist," "homophobic," "mysogynist" truckers (the Convoy's lead organizer is a woman, and the truckers come from all races and walks of life), and scrounge for the meager disapproving finger-waggers here and there amongst the mostly-supportive Canadian citizenry.  There is also no media blackout on the fact that, week after week, thousands are taking to the streets in cities all over Europe to demand an end to medical dictatorship...oh wait, you mean you didn't know that?

But every time somebody who opposed vaxx mandates dies of The Bug, it makes headlines, as if to prove that Questioning the "Science" kills.

Now, I was never a fan of marching and demonstrating, ever since my college days.  It always struck me as symbolism over substance, as the late, great Rush used to call it: a way of seeming to be addressing some problem without undergoing the risks and undertaking the toil and the grime involved in actually addressing it.  Carrying signs against South African Apartheid at Cal State Northridge, under the eyes of no one who was in a position to do anything whatsoever about it, accomplished nothing.  "Raising awareness" is not real action, especially when everybody is already painfully aware of the problem in question.  But at least it has the benefit of making awareness raisers feel good about themselves.

This time, however, it's different.  When it comes to resisting branch covidianism, marches and demonstrations are not mere "awareness" raising, and they are not merely symbolic.  They are concrete acts of defiance against abuses of authority.  It is precisely the right of peaceable assembly that has been under attack these last two years.  In addition to being instrumental in carrying out the most massive looting operation in history, the purpose of locking everyone down and forcing them to mask up and socialist-distance has been to isolate people, prevent them from finding out how many other like-minded citizens there are, and gathering to resist.  These assemblages of throngs of people, packed together in close proximity, interacting and breathing the free air as God intended, are precisely what their rulers do not want.  In this situation, marching and demonstrating are substantive acts of resistance.  Besides serving as a last-ditch effort to petition the government for a redress of grievances, they make the people ungovernable by the tyrants, which is exactly the appropriate response to tyranny.

And there is a real risk in doing this.  As long as demonstrators serve the purposes of the tyrants -- and they often do, as 2020 showed us -- they are in no danger; but as soon as they cross the tyrants, it's a different story.  What, for example, will the Trudeau government do about the Freedom Convoy?  There has already been talk of calling in the military.  Trudeau is denying current plans to do so, though in language that suggests he is not decisively ruling it out.  What will the army do if it is called in?  How much of it has been co-opted by the enemies of the people?  This will be the moment of truth for thousands of Canadian soldiers, who probably did not think they joined up in order to make war on their own countrymen.  Will they do so anyway, like the police in Australia have been doing since this whole thing started?  Only time will tell.

This is one situation where marching really does matter.  It is heartening to see that more people than we think are opposed to the direction our rulers are trying to take us, and are willing to put their money where their mouth is.  God protect them all.

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