Wednesday, February 16, 2022

A Third Thought about the Moment of Truth: Have You Noticed?

Have you noticed that in his address to the nation announcing emergency powers, Justine never once mentions the threat of contagion posed by truckers not masking up, not socialist-distancing and generally breaking pandemic restrictions?

Further proof that the restrictions are about control and have nothing to do whatsoever with stopping the spread of any disease.


  1. Yup and have you also noticed that there is no outcry that The Sky is Falling (ei Covid running rampant amongst those *gasp* unmasked, hugging, close proximity etc;) no overflowing hospital wards full of dying Covid patrients amongst the thousands attending. (eyeroll)

    1. Very true! We are not seeing corpses in the streets.

      I just watched some video from the House of Commons. After 2 years of disrupting the lives and jobs of Canadians, Trudope is suddenly worried about...Canadians having their lives and jobs disrupted because of the eeeeeeeevilllllll truckers. Definitely takes the Oscar for the most insanely monumental hypocrisy of 2022.

    2. And then he goes and shuts down Parliament as the time approachess for the vote about the EMA.