Monday, February 21, 2022

The Truths of the Moment

  1. The purpose of a militarized police force is to make war on the citizenry.  
  2. A militarized police force is willing to make war on its own people, even in Canada.
  3. Most of us live and work within easy reach of a militarized police force.
  4. Big business, especially the banking industry, wields the coercive police powers of the state.
  5. The "emergency" for which the reputed bastard son of Fidel Castro has invoked emergency powers is manifestly not an existential threat to Canada, but a political emergency for him, which is all the justification a tyrant needs.
  6. It is to the everlasting discredit of the Canadian parliament that it failed to reject instantly Fidel Jr.'s blatantly rogue seizure of supreme dictatorship.  UPDATE: Canada's parliament voted to extend emergency powers 30 days.
  7. "Enlightenment" liberalism was always going to bring us to this point.
  8. Our "democratic" "Enlightenment" form of government, with all its "safeguards" against tyranny, has not only utterly failed to protect us against tyranny, it has been the means of opening us up to it.
  9. Our rulership hates our stinking guts.
  10. Political solutions to our present predicament are insufficient by themselves.
  11. As long as we fail, both as individuals and as nations, to acknowledge and submit to the Kingship of Christ, this state of affairs will continue no matter what we do. 


  1. Yes and especially #10. Christ is the only King who will not fail us.
    My key word for this year is Mercy.... we need it more than ever but apparently the time of Mercy is over and we enter into the time of Justice and the Purification of humanity. Hold on, it's gonna be a rough ride.

  2. Shirley, I think you couldn't be more right about the rough ride we're all in for. The good news is that more and more people are getting sick and tired of living under "Enlightenment" values, and thus are more ready to receive Truth.

  3. We expect the truths cited from the usual run of totalitarian countries, Russia, China, Iran, etc., but it is probably unexpected by most that it is not only on our doorstep in Canada but is making rapid inroads in our own country. The frog had best jump from the stew pot quickly as it is already quite late.

    1. It's been kind of jaw-dropping, over the last couple of years, to see some of the places where tyranny has held most sway: Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Really, nobody anywhere can say that it can't happen in their country.

  4. Hate Covid, no now, Hate Truckers, no now, Hate Russia!
    Things are sure changeable thanks to our media.