Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September 1, 1939: Outrage against Poland

Seventy years ago today, Nazi Germany invaded Poland. World War II was on.

Here, in three parts, is a 1943 War Department film about the Blitzkrieg in Poland, using captured Nazi footage of the invasion. (H/T Lightning and Ashes)

And the Polish struggle:

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  1. Thank you, V-Girl, for posting these videos. I have always liked to watch old WWII footage/documentaries since I was a kid. It is very troublesome that many do not have an appreciation or sense of history, recent and ancient, in how the sufferings and tribulations of those in the past have allowed us to have the society we have today. My fear is that the historical amnesia of today will lead to the conflict of tomorrow... a tomorrow that is rushing in fast.