Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Red State, Blue Capital

Right after over a thousand people march in protest of government spending and Obamacare, the Boise City Council -- with Mayor Dave Bieter providing the tie-breaking vote -- passes a resolution in favor of "health care reform." For the resolution: David Eberle, Maryanne Jordan, and Elaine Clegg. Against: Jim Tibbs, Alan Shealy, Vern Bisterfeldt.

About 30 Boiseans voiced their disapproval of the resolution, and even the idea of the city government wasting their time on such a thing. The local media hastens to explain that the resolution is non-binding and is purely a symbolic gesture.

One guy at the Tea Party on Saturday carried a sign with the word NO all over it, and a big, bold legend in the middle: CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? I guess at Boise City Hall, the answer is -- NO.

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