Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Successors of JonBenet Ramsey

Can we just call this what it is: the sexual exploitation of children. Served up by the children's parents and brought to you by your local cable company.

Toddlers and Tiaras on the "Learning" Channel is just another sleazy and embarrassing article in the brown-paper-wrapped magazine that is American television. It covers the stupid and pointless drama of people who put their kids through toddler beauty contests in pursuit of fame and fortune. The show's website features, among other things, pictures of kids before and after their sexing-up. Some of these kids look pretty unhappy. No doubt their parents maintain that they are happy, and that they are doing exactly what they want to be doing; but how is a little child to resist the juggernaut of a parent's ambitions?

Can anyone doubt that all-out war is being waged on the innocence of children? This goes way beyond a little girl playing dress-up with her mother's shoes and jewelry and makeup. This is about making sex objects out of little kids. Parents, doesn't it occur to you that you are feeding the appetites of predators? Do you honestly think you can protect your child while breaking down her inhibitions and subjecting her to this kind of exposure? Do you really like the idea of some dirtbag playing with himself while he leers at a picture of your tarted-up child?

People who want to dress something up should go out and get a Barbie doll and leave their children alone. And the rest of us should quit tuning in to crap like Toddlers and Tiaras.

H/T Carolina Cannonball.


  1. One scary thing I recall about JonBenet: If you looked at ther between her forehead and chin only, you had no idea how old she was. Not saying in any way, shape, or form she deserved to die for that; rather, I'm agreeing with your point.

  2. Child abuse, pure and simple -- I won't even watch the promos. Nothing to learn from this, except how not to raise a child.