Sunday, July 12, 2009

No Applause Please, Just Throw Money

Thanks to ParamedicGirl over at Salve Regina, who has added another couple of awards to my swelling collection. Acceptance of the Honest Scrap Award requires me to do the following:

-- Thank the bestowing party. (Done.)

-- Link back to the bestowing party. (Done.)

-- Divulge ten (10) honest things about myself.

-- Present the award to seven (7) others whose blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged me.

First, the Ten Honest Things about Myself.

1. I do beadwork, including rosaries and seed/bugle bead jewelry.

2. I have been singing in choirs since childhood, though not during my college years.

3. I like falafel and hummus, which are made from chickpeas, but hate raw chickpeas. To me, raw chickpeas are like little balls of compressed sawdust.

4. I'll take a four-lane ant highway, stretching from one end of my home to the other, over a single cockroach.

5. I have never seen either Grease or West Side Story. I am not consumed by the desire to rectify this situation.

6. I have been inside a B-29 Superfortress. As a matter of fact, it was this Superfortress.

7. When I was in high school, I learned to use a darkroom. I won an award in a national photography competition: my winning entry was something I just hastily threw together and didn't think too much of (whereas nobody noticed the stuff I worked hard on). The prize was $30.00, which I used to buy a polarizing filter for my 35 mm camera.

8. I read The Lord of the Rings for the first time when I was in the fourth grade. I have read it many, many times since (lost count after 35).

9. I cannot automatically tell right from left. I have to think about it every single time.

10. My 18th birthday came during a presidential election year. I registered to vote at my college campus. Both the Democrats and the Republicans had voter registration sites. The Republicans had a nicely painted booth, with portraits of President Reagan and Vice President Bush. The Democrats had a sheet of plywood over two garbage cans. I leaned on the plywood to get up from the kneeling position in which I had filled out my voter registration card, and almost sent the whole thing flying.

This award goes to:

The Redoubtable One

Causa Nostrae Laetitiae
Cygnus' Sphere
Dymphna's Road
Father Down Under
Adoro Te Devote
The Paleolithic Papists

The True Heart Award goes to everybody on my blogroll.

"Those who receive this award are of the sweetest nature. They are kind, friendly, funny, loving, eager to share their love for Jesus with others, and brave in their efforts to reflect Him to this darkened world. They are the kind of folks you're blessed to know, even if it's only in the bloggy-sphere."


  1. Interesting stuff about you! I love chick peas in salads; now the next time I have them, I will be comparing them to little balls of sawdust!

  2. I might have to get your falafel recipe. My hummus d'tahini rocks.