Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some Good Words

Some great words we don't get a chance to deploy very often (unless we are William F. Buckley, Jr.):

abstruse: dense; difficult to understand or penetrate. Like the Code of Federal Regulations.

dactylogram: fingerprint.

damoiseau: the male counterpart of a damsel (demoiselle).

deaconing: putting the best-looking wares on top of the pile. Not much of a reflection on deacons.

dippydro: a person who frequently changes his mind. Also known as a lawyer's nightmare client.

the belief that the Bible can be presented to the unlearned without commentary. From the Greek for "naked" plus "book." Hah!

hebdomadal: weekly. As in the piety of certain politicians.

hemisemidemiquaver: a 64th note. By extension, a thought or frustration lasting only for passing seconds.

hypermammiferous: having enormous breasts.

lustrum: a period of five years. Judge Parker in Rooster Cogburn wasn't making this word up!

nanocephalous: having a tiny head. Another species of nightmare clients for lawyers.

person who doesn't believe in anything in particular, like the administration of Notre Dame.

thick-tongued. I'd like to see this word in a police report in a DUI case.

pusillanimous: cowardly. "The Pusillanimous Lion" doesn't quite sound the same, does it?

steatopygic: having an enormous rump. Like too many girls who wear short, tight skirts these days.

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