Saturday, October 31, 2020

The Illumination of Conscience: We Are Already in It

We humans like our affairs to be tied up in neat little bows, our crises to be expeditiously resolved, like on a sitcom, and a convenient time frame for all this to happen — preferably within the next half-hour.  That is probably why seers and purported prophets are all the rage in these wildly uncertain times: we are looking for resolution, a when and how the cavalry will come charging in and save the day.  A big item on the prophecy hit parade is the so-called “illumination of conscience,” where it is alleged that God will miraculously reveal to all of humanity, simultaneously and instantaneously, the true state of our souls as He sees them, thereby shocking many into repentance and conversion.

There is a danger, of course, to being too attached to our preconceived notions, and that is that we will be so busy looking for God to follow our script and do things our way that we risk missing what He is actually doing.  It seems pretty clear that this turbulent, coronapanicky year 2020 IS the “illumination of conscience.”  If we have eyes to see, what has been done in secret is now being paraded in front of the whole world, and the true priorities of everyone, from the greatest to the least, have been exposed by this global moral panic.  Just a few examples:

- In a stunning case of elder abuse, the Democrats are openly and shamelessly running a candidate who is obviously senile, clearly in order to be able to put him out of the way as soon as possible after the election so that their real and probably totally unelectable candidate can take over.

- Government officials all over the world have taken the opportunity of the coronapanic to suppress public worship, thus putting on display their hatred of religion and — let’s not kid ourselves — especially the Catholic Church.  They have made clear that they are preparing for us a world in which we can get an abortion or look at pornography but cannot go to Mass.

- Government officials in liberal cities and states have openly demonstrated their sympathy with violent revolutionaries and other criminals, and their contempt of the people they were elected to represent.

- Persons holding high office in federal, state and local governments have proven their willingness to do anything to try to overthrow Donald Trump, even at great cost to those who elected them to look after their interests and the common good.

- A light is being shone on the rot and corruption within the medical profession as it participates in scaremongering for political purposes, strips patients of their dignity, denies to patients access to their families and to the Sacraments, denies or scares off people who need treatment for other illnesses, and subjects the elderly and infirm to a level of cruelty and isolation that not even murderers have to endure. 

- Peoples who thought they were living under some form or other of representative government are finding out just how impotent their elected officials are on their behalf, and how much of the real power is held by unelected and unaccountable officials acting in concert with huge, private moneyed interests behind the scenes.

- People all over the world are finding out whether their local police forces are willing to safeguard their freedom and their right to carry on their legitimate business unmolested, or whether they like lording it over their fellow citizens and treating them as enemies.

- Americans are finding out that there is an unwritten “pandemic” exception to all their constitutionally guaranteed rights, especially the right to the free exercise of religion and the right of peaceable assembly.

- Catholics are finding out how many of their prelates are enemies of tradition, and that most of them are in the tank for the dehumanizing globalist agenda that pits itself against faith, family, culture, freedom and love of God.

- Catholics are discovering the utter failure and bankruptcy of the modernist experiment within the Church, which has proven that, despite all its drivel about “accompaniment” and “compassion,” it has got absolutely nothing for us in times of real crisis, and has left us with locked churches, no Easter celebrations, months without the Sacraments, and successors to the Apostles who have gone AWOL.

- Catholics are finding out the appalling number of their priests and bishops, from the lowest echelons of the hierarchy up to the very highest, who are opposed to Catholic moral teaching, especially in the area of sexual morality.

- We ourselves are shown to ourselves and our neighbors for what we are, especially in our inordinate fear of death; our inordinate fear of microbes; our treatment of our fellow human beings as hazardous waste; our willingness to demand that our fellow human beings forfeit their identity and their humanity so that we may feel less afraid; our willingness to bully and humiliate and demonize others for not towing the party line.  In short, the absence of charity in our own hearts (not to mention the utter futility of the anti-bullying campaigns of yesteryear) is on full display.

- We can also see for ourselves how unwilling we are to suffer wrongs patiently, and how, rather than wage principled and prudent opposition to the unwarranted incursions on our private lives, we long to avenge ourselves on others who are acting out of the fear that has been stoked by those in government, the medical profession and the media, who are furthering this “great reset” agenda to the peril of their own immortal souls.

In short, God does not need to work a miracle in order to show us what we are really made of.  He has instead allowed the current concatenation of disastrous events to do that.  It’s all right out in the open for all to see.  If that doesn’t scare us straight, I don’t know what will.

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