Monday, December 19, 2011

UPDATED Special Prayer Request: Friars Up for Solemn Vow Vote

Reason no. 4,287 to join the Order of Preachers: we do the coolest backyard conflagrations.  (Lay Dominicans are by no means slouches on this front, either.)
Please stop right now and say, devoutly, a Hail Mary apiece for Br. Corwin Low, O.P. and Br. Peter Hanna, O.P. of the Western Province of the Holy Name.  December 20th is the day their community votes on whether to admit them to solemn vows.

Might not hurt also to invoke on their behalf St. Antoninus of Florence.  The local prior told Antoninus he could not take the habit of St. Dominic unless he memorized the entire Gratian decretal (i.e., the entire body of canon law as it existed in his day).  Which, of course, he did.

UPDATE, 12/21/2011 at 07:34: Brs. Corwin and Peter are approved for solemn vows!  They will be locked in for life on April 28, 2012 at St. Dominic's in San Francisco. 
Br. Corwin (left) and Br. Peter (right). Could these be the future founding fathers of Boise's first Dominican priory?  We can certainly hope so!


  1. I didn't know about the cool backyard conflagrations! I'm a novice in the Lay Dominican Fraternity chapter in Columbus, OH. We haven't had any bonfires yet, but we have a wonderful chapter with solid friars to lead us.

    I prayed for Br. Corwin and Br. Peter.

    Jeanne G.

  2. Jeanne, thank you for your prayers for our brothers. My chapter's backyard conflagrations usually take the form of barbecues; but since we have a chapter house out in the country, we also get to light bigger fires when weather permits. The friars pictured above are burning now-obsolete sacramentaries.

  3. Aww!

    In the first picture is Br. Dominic David Maichrowicz crouching there...both he and Br. Peter Hannah were our resident Brothers here in Alaska for a year each. They are truly loved in our community and by our family. I wish we could keep all of them and they would not go back! ;-)

    BUT since that can never be the case, we pray for them and rejoice that Br. Peter will be making his solemn profession soon. At least some of our family will be there, God willing.

    Thanks for posting!

  4. Mindy, I got to meet Br. Peter a few months ago when he dropped by Boise for a visit...a few of us lay Dominicans went to Mass with him and took him out to the Pantry for breakfast. We got a big kick out of him, and, of course, we wanted to keep him, too!