Thursday, October 06, 2011

Worship the Lord in Holey Attire...?

Fr. Richard Simon of Skokie, Illinois in the Archdiocese of Chicago -- also known as Reverend Know-It-All -- hits another one out of the park with his latest offering on the subject of holy attire, or how not to dress for Mass.  In an age when heavily-made-up women march through the church doors in spray-on rayon, unshaven men slouch in in tattered shorts and flip-flops, and tarted-up little girls in slutty white dresses present themselves for their First Holy Communion, Fr. Simon's take is a must-read.  This excerpt is probably the punchiest and most succinct summation that I have ever seen on the subject:  

There is only one Mass in all of history. The upper room, Calvary the inn on the road to Emmaus, the early weekday Mass and the 5PM Vigil Mass on Saturday evening are all the same thing. You aren’t just lounging in the 3rd row from the back near the closest door to the parking lot. You are standing before God’s throne in the presence of untold billions of saints and angels. Perhaps you can’t see them, but they can see you, and I think I hear some giggling among the smaller cherubs.

There you stand at the most exalted gathering in all of human and angelic history, wearing old plaid gym shorts a ripped T-shirt and flip flops. I suggest wear something a little more presentable. The seraphim and the patriarchs don’t think your knobby knees are quite as attractive as you do. It’s all about being comfortable, isn’t it? It’s a big enough bother to have to go to Mass anyway, God should be grateful just to see me there! And now you want me to wear actual clothing?

...All the powers of Heaven and all the saints of Earth are there even if you can’t see them. And they are looking at you. And they think that outfit you’re wearing is ridiculous.


  1. The attitude I have heard is "God loves me just the way I am" . Hmmmm. If that is so, why did He bother to send His Son to redeem us?

  2. Shirley, back home we had a priest who used to say: Jesus loves us the way we are, but He loves us too much to leave us where we are.