Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Blog Page: The Crucifix versus the Swastika

I'd like to call attention to a new page I've added to the blog: The Crucifix versus the Swastika.  I have put up the post of the same name twice, the second time with additions, and have since discovered more heroes that need to be added.  So I figured the best thing to do would be to give this honor roll of Catholic heroes its own page, so I can keep adding as needed.  I would be very glad also to take suggestions for more.


  1. Hi, Anita, I looked through the C-vs-S page and like it very very much. There is a very good book out there called "Hitler, the War, and the Pope," by Ronald Rychlak; I recommend it. Thank you so much for giving these heroes and martyrs the credit they deserve, especially in the face of the "black legends" that have been circulating for about 45 years about the Church and Catholics during the war. Best wishes!!

  2. Thanks, Bob. And thanks for the tip on the book. There are those who would say I have far, far too many books, with new ones coming in all the time; but I say you can't have too many books. Must be part of why I have a lay Dominican calling.