Saturday, August 07, 2010

Of Blacks, Abortion and Concentration Camps

Did you know...

...about the close ties between the Ku Klux Klan and the American eugenics movement?

...that Margaret Sanger, who founded the organization that would later become known as Planned Parenthood, was a thorough-going racist who promoted contraceptives for the purpose of killing off the non-white races?

...that the leading lights in the American eugenics movement were devotees of Adolf Hitler?

...that the company that developed RU-486, the "morning after" abortion pill, was once part of I.G. Farben, the German firm that manufactured Zyklon-B, the poison gas used to murder millions in Hitler's concentration camps?
...that state governments have made "undesirables" (i.e., non-whites) to undergo involuntary sterilizations, without knowledge or consent?

...that the promotion of contraceptives and abortion in Third World countries has been a U.S. foreign policy objective for decades?
...that Planned Parenthood receives millions upon millions in U.S. tax dollars annually?

...that most Planned Parenthood clinics are to be found in black and Hispanic neighborhoods?

...that black babies account for a percentage of abortions out of all proportion to the percentage of blacks in the population?
...that Planned Parenthood will accept donations and gifts specifically earmarked for the destruction of minority babies?

...that the NAACP is in bed with Planned Parenthood?

If you don't know these things now, you will after watching Maafa 21: Black Genocide in 21st Century America.  Produced by pro-life activist Mark Crutcher* and Life Dynamics, Inc., Maafa 21 is a lengthy but well-documented presentation of the connection between abortion, racism and eugenics, tracing the chameleon-like history of the American eugenics movement through its many incarnations and buzzword changes down to the present day.  This movie is not a foaming-at-the-mouth emanation from the fever swamps, but a well-presented documentary that contains few surprises for those who are at all familiar with the history of the nation's biggest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. 


*Although it is alleged in the Wikipedia entry for Mark Crutcher that he has "strong ties" to the notorious Army of God, which openly advocates the murder of abortionists, Crutcher denies any such ties (scroll down for the entry by "MC3" regarding this issue).

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