Saturday, May 01, 2010

May 1st: St. Joseph the Worker

Ven. Pius XII instituted the memorial of St. Joseph the Worker to Christianize labor.  It also serves as a counter to the communist May Day.   Pitted against St. Joseph, the Reds never had a chance.

Prayer to St. Joseph the Worker

We speak to you, O blessed Joseph, our protector on earth, as one who knows the value of work and the response of our calling. We address you through your holy spouse, the Immaculate Virgin Mother of God, and knowing the fatherly affection with which you embraced Our Lord Jesus, ask that you may assist us in our needs, and strengthen us in our labors.

By our promise to do worthily our daily tasks, keep us from failure, from a greedy mind, and from a corrupt heart. Be our watchful guardian in our work, our defender and strength against injustice and errors. As we look to your example and seek your assistance, support us in our every effort, that we may come to everlasting rest with you in the blessedness of heaven. Amen. 


  1. Happy Feast Day, Anita!
    Our Diocese is dedicated to St. Joseph the Workman and our Cathedral is named for him.
    Our Public Association is also named for St. Joseph.
    He is a great saint and a powerful intercessor.

  2. Thanx, Father!

    Bl. Margaret of Castello was a pioneer in devotion to St. Joseph. Bl. Margaret was not loquacious, but it was said of her that if you had to be anywhere in a hurry, you didn't want to get her started on St. Joseph.

  3. Addendum for the record: Bl. Brother Andre (Canada, soon to be made a saint) got extremely angry with, and chased out of the building, a person who arrogantly claimed that occurrent miracle healings were specifically attributable to him, i.e. Br. Andre (who was very devoted to St. Joseph, always asking for his assistance), and not via the intercession of St. Joseph.

    Thank you St. Joseph for protecting the Lord of History.