Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April Hailstones

Here we are almost into May, and the temperature is in the high fifties... 

...and we get hailstones the size of lima beans!

Where else but in Idaho?


  1. That's unusual in Idaho?

    If you recall, last fall here in MN a cool weather tornado removed the Cross from the local Lutheran "cathedral" while they voted on whether to allow gay marriage or clergy or some other topic based on what some Lutherans do with their private parts that people with morals actually don't need to know about.

    I think it was in the 50's here in MN at the time. Hail was included in some areas, but NOTHING topped taking the Cross from that "ecclesial community".

    Not that I'm drawing any conclusions. (Just out of curiosity...what offense against God was happening in Idaho when it hailed in Hell?)

  2. Well, let's see...no crosses broken off anywhere as far as I know, but the storm did damage a Little League park in Meridian (near Boise).

    As far as offenses against God, the Diocese of Boise is an exceedingly liberal backwater, which, quite frankly, is its own punishment.

  3. Performed a little weather analysis for you.

    Find out about Boise WX extremes, means, records, etc. here

    Boise radar here

    ID Forecasts here

    Yes, I am in nerd mode tonight.

  4. Thanx, TH2! I had had some sick plants sitting outside to enjoy the sun and the moisture, but based on the links you've sent, it looks as though it's a good thing I brought them inside. And it also looks as though they're going to be staying inside for a few days.

    The best weather forecaster, though, is the rock.

  5. I forgot about Gary's weather forecasting rock. That guy is a genius.

    Re: Forecasts - don't trust any prognostication beyond 24 h. Predictive accuracy diminishes exponentially thereafter.