Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Spring Fling

Who can come up with anything to post?  Not me.  That's why I'm going to put up pictures of Spring in action.  How Spring has busied herself in southern Idaho (even though we haven't had the greatest weather so far):
Wait till the roses start going to town.


  1. Without any allusion to pantheism, I figured that this quote from the Catholic Encyclopaedia on St. Francis would be apt for this post:

    Francis's love of nature also stands out in bold relief in the world he moved in. He delighted to commune with the wild flowers, the crystal spring, and the friendly fire, and to greet the sun as it rose upon the fair Umbrian vale. In this respect, indeed, St. Francis's "gift of sympathy" seems to have been wider even than St. Paul's, for we find no evidence in the great Apostle of a love for nature or for animals.

  2. Apt indeed! Far more apt than St. Francis and St. Clare and their friends running around singing Donovan songs.