Monday, May 31, 2010

The Roses Are Coming

We continue to have unseasonably cool weather, storms and overcast skies, so spring hasn't put on much of a spectacle yet.  On the other hand, she hasn't exactly been idle, either.  The roses are starting to come up at the Rose Garden at Julia Davis Park.

 And I know these are weeds, but they are still beautiful in their way.

 And on the way back from Nyssa on Sunday, there was this explosion of yellow roses.
  Hopefully the sun comes out soon.  Until then, the yellow roses will have to fill in!


  1. Good photography there, Anita. It seems you have an acute "eye" for that created by the Creator.

  2. Thank you! I could spend all day in the Rose Garden, snapping pics.

  3. "On your knees, man, a violet!"

    Can't recall poets name. Hopkins?

    Not an expression of pantheism, but of the wonder and glory of God's creation.

  4. Alas, I am stumped. Wordsworth?

    (Wish Horace Rumpole were here to solve this.)