Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things I Don't Get, Chapter 27,384


Why, in a city specially designed for traffic to snarl up when more than ten cars are on the road, are we going to shut down half of downtown for an athletic event? To accommodate the Ironman triathlon this weekend, major downtown streets are going to be closed from Friday evening through Sunday morning. Doesn't anybody go to church of a Sunday morning anymore? How are those of us who do go going to get there?

This is as bad as when we had the Special Olympics earlier this year, and they closed down the main drag out of town right at rush hour. Why does the whole city have to be paralyzed just so a few people can have a race?

***END RANT***


  1. That looks like every day in the Lower Mainland (Vancouver). The fun part for me is when I get to cruise through with lights and sirens. But when I'm in my orange Mustang, it's stop and go just like everyone else.

  2. Dear Anita: I write from Venezuela, I liked your blog. From now on we will read, and I will put my links.

  3. When you find out, let me know. I keep running into the stupid things in both SLC and Ogden.