Monday, June 29, 2009

Goodbye, Billie Jean?

A monster vigil for Michael Jackson is scheduled for July 13th at the O2 Arena in London, where Jackson was to have performed. A celebrity tribute show is planned for September. Wait for the unmitigated hysteria, melodrama, and general absence of dignity utterly unbecoming the final disposition of a fellow human being's mortal remains.

And I'm waiting for a repeat of one of the tackiest aspects of the exceedingly tacky aftermath of Princess Diana's death. Will Elton John again recycle "Candle in the Wind"?


  1. Of course Sir Elton will float out for some ghastly performance. And he'll be followed by a parade of others all using the event as an opportunity to rekindle their careers. It will be all about them really, not Jackson - further showing the dehumanization of our culture. All so hollow, all so sad.

  2. That was kind of strange that Sir Elton used the same song for Princess Dianna that he used for Marilyn Monroe. May be he had writer's block.

  3. PG, it was like giving somebody a ring, and then taking it away from them again and giving it to somebody else.