Sunday, May 29, 2011

The World's Silliest Felt Banner

Life holds few distinctions, but I think we may safely boast that here, at my parish, hangs one of the silliest felt banners in all Christendom.
The taste and judgment of this display become even more apparent in context.  What 104-year-old cathedral would not be improved by such a decoration?
Reason no. 3,247,854 for restoring the tabernacle to the (high) altar: to get it away from the felt banners.

(And no, that is not the original tabernacle.)


  1. I've seen a lot, but never one sillier, I have to admit. Thanks . . . uh, I think.

  2. It does indeed strain all credibility, Bob.

  3. There oughtta be a law...

    I'd settle for a plague of moths...