Sunday, September 05, 2010

Patrick Mulcahey: Renaissance Leatherman

Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in San Francisco, California is a 109-year-old parish, whose founders surely could not have anticipated the direction it would ultimately take.  It is notorious for having allowed itself to become a homosexualist playground.  It was at a Mass at Most Holy Redeemer, three years ago, that Archbishop Niederauer  (who turns 75 next June) gave Holy Communion to two fully-camped-up members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, an anti-Catholic drag queen association.  According to the pastor's welcome message on the parish website, "Today [Most Holy Redeemer] is more vibrant than ever: a church for the twenty-first century....You will find the good people of our parish old, young, married, gay, lesbian, transgender, affluent, homeless, blue-collar, converts, cradle Catholics, radical, traditional, [!] questioning, fervent."  Two adjectives you will see over and over again on the parish website  to describe the Most Holy Redeemer community are "vibrant" and "inclusive." 

So probably it should come as no surprise to find that among the vibrant things this church for the twenty-first century includes, even in positions of leadership, is active practitioners of sado-masochistic slavery.  Meet Patrick Mulcahey, who, as California Catholic Daily reports, is a scheduled presenter at the Master/slave Conference in Silver Springs, Maryland this weekend.  The conference -- to whose website I refuse to link -- is all about "education and support through a variety of methods concerning the Master/slave lifestyle."  That "Master/slave" thing, by the way, is not a typo: "slave" is deliberately in lower-case, presumably to enhance the degradation.  On the same weekend that the Order of Preachers' general chapter convenes in Rome to select a new Master General, Patrick Mulcahey, pillar of Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, will give talks on "Monogamy in M/s" and "Building Your Collaring Ceremony," which is apparently the M/s's parody on the exchange of wedding rings.  California Catholic Daily notes that "[t]he description of Mr. Mulcahey’s workshop seems a satanic inversion of marriage and baptism: 'Common elements of a collaring ceremony, and adapting them to your own commitments and religious/spiritual beliefs, with favored readings, including Scriptural ones. The role and obligations of those witnessing.'"  Mulcahey's bio on the Conference site reads as follows:
Patrick has been tying men up and doing unspeakable things to them for 35 years – and charging headlong into D/s disasters for the last ten of those. He has presented on M/s, leather and BDSM topics in the Bay Area and currently serves as Vice Chairman and Special Events Chair of The 15 Association, a men's leather/BDSM club celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. He lives in San Francisco with his slave patrick [sic] where he earns his living as a writer. Elsewhere, to FetLife  [don't ask: probably better not to know] members, he may be better known by his screen name, "MrEasy."
During the period from 2000 to 2008, when he could spare time from tying guys up and giving talks at national conventions on how to collar your slave, Mulcahey served as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and as Vice-President of the parish council.  I guess when they name you "vice" president at Most Holy Redeemer...they ain't kidding.

Is it possible that the parish authorities are unaware of the sicko in their midst?  According to California Catholic Daily, the parish played host to various S/M groups until 2008, when the diocese finally put the kibosh on these festivities.  C.C.D. also notes that Mulcahey, Most Holy Redeemer and various members of the parish council are interconnected on Facebook.  Plus, Most Holy Redeemer's website and Facebook pages are unmistakeably pro-gay.  The idea that authorities at either the parish or diocesan levels are in the dark about this guy is, frankly, preposterous.

The favorite Gospel story of unrepentant public sinners is the episode of Jesus and the woman who is about to be stoned because she was caught in adultery.  They like the fact that Jesus was compassionate and had mercy on her and caused her life to be spared.  But in the retelling of this story, they always stop short of the part where Jesus told her to sin no more.  This admonition has never been lost on true Catholic shepherds, who realize that true Christian charity does not mean indulging the illegitimate appetites of their flock.  When the gentle and compassionate St. Alphonsus Liguori was made bishop of the diocese of St. Agatha of the Goths, for instance, he always appealed personally to public sinners to give up their evil ways.  But if he saw that they persisted in giving scandal in spite of his exhortations, he would not hesitate to have them thrown in jail.

Yet surely, the vices that St. Alphonsus worked diligently to root out of his diocese almost resemble virtues compared to the putrescence that continues to fester unabated at Most Holy Redeemer.  Is there a solution to the problem of a Catholic parish that raises a degenerate like Patrick Mulcahey to positions of prominence, short of razing the church to the ground and sowing the site with salt?  What is to become of a shepherd who allows such unspeakable filth to exist within his fold?

"Woe to the shepherds who destroy and scatter the sheep of My pasture!" says the LORD.

Jeremiah 23:1

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  1. You ask the right questions.
    Just simply disgusting, outrageous and scandalous.
    Jesus, mercy!

  2. Father, sometimes you just have to marvel at the fact that we haven't been stricken by lightnening up to now. It can only be due to the Propitiating Sacrifice that is made a mockery of in so many places.

  3. What's your assessment - do you think anything will ever be done to get rid of this pervert?

    This is in California, right? You're from California, right? Don't blame you for leaving.

  4. To answer the second set of questions first: yep, its in California. And I'm from California, though from L.A. (Cardinal Mahony Country). Unfortunately, nonsense of the kind at issue here is not confined to the Bay Area (though this parish has to rank as among the most egregious).

    As far as the first question: for this guy to be welcomed as is, with his openly degenerate lifestyle, and put into a leadership position, there have to be a lot more like him in this parish (cf. the parish website and Facebook page). Apparently, the pastor has just had his tenure as pastor extended another six years. So my guess is, for the present, nothing substantive will be done about him (though I can see public pressure resulting in him being put under wraps, at least temporarily). After all, nothing was done about the guy all the years he was on the parish council.

    On the other hand, the winds of change may very well blow through the Bay Area in the not-too-distant future. The present archbishop turns 75 in less than a year; God willing, Pope Benedict will still be going strong, will accept the archbishop's resignation, and will choose a Hercules to clean out the Augean Stable that the Archdiocese of San Francisco has obviously become.

  5. Pray that thr Holy Father will clean up this mess. That is, if he even knows about it!

  6. Well...he'll get a chance to name a new archbishop for this diocese next year. That man, whoever he is, will have his work cut out for him.