Thursday, September 23, 2010

Month of the Rosary, Month of Professions

Next month is a big month for the Third Order Dominicans, Bl. Margaret of Castello Chapter, Boise, Idaho.  We will be admitting several new postulants; several members will  renew  or make first temporary professions; and two of us -- including yours truly -- will be admitted to perpetual profession.  Best of all, we have the Promoter of the Laity for the Western Province, Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P., coming up to preside over professions.  (Yes, that Fr. Serpa, chaplain for Catholic Answers.)  Fr. Serpa's attendance is due to the efforts of The Redoubtable Marcus Magnus, who was irresistible as usual.  Professions will be held on the evening of Saturday, October 16th at St. John's Cathedral in Boise.  On Sunday the 17th, Fr. Serpa will celebrate Mass at Chapter House in Homedale, and the new chapter council  officers -- again including yours truly -- will be sworn in and begin their three-year terms.

So the little chapter, under the patronage of Little Margaret, is growing, even though we have not a single Dominican friar in the diocese (that is to say, in the entire state of Idaho), and only one religious sister.  

Which is not to say we couldn't use some good members of the First and Second Orders (i.e., friars and nuns) around this place.  I am currently reading a biography of St. Vincent Ferrer, O.P., the Angel of the Apocalypse, who was willing to travel into the most God-forsaken territories to spread the Gospel and fish for souls.  Who will come to Idaho on a permanent basis and follow his example?

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  1. Can't say I'm a huge Elvis fan either...but one can hope that this did him some good.