Friday, November 27, 2009

Sunrise over Boise


  1. God in his glory gives us this as one more reminder what we have to be thankful for. Thank you for posting this magnificent picture.

  2. "...then that right there should tell Rome everything she needs to know about the state of women religious in this country. That some congregations have responded to the visitation by consulting civil lawyers..."

    1. As TH2 intimated in a previous comment on this blog, the liberal women religious will scream bloody murder right to the end and will not go down with a fight.

    2. Was wrong about them retaining canon lawyers, as you indicate civil lawyers. Oh, well, TH2 was close on that one.

    3. You already know this, but just because it needs to be said: what we are witnessing here, with all this defiance and screeching, is the death knell of a group of "nuns" (admittedly a very large group) who, in their hearts, know they are doomed. The Holy Church has see such things before over its long 2K history. They will fade away. Again... TIME...

    4. When TH2 reads such reports his inclination is to justified anger, as appears to be the case here with V-girl (correct TH2 if he is wrong). However, I think it is also healthy to take the Mr. Scampers route: mockery and fun. There is nothing hated more by heretics, and the Devil, than when they are laughed at.

  3. Sorry, Anita... this comment should have been put in the comment block for the post above this one....

    Oh, this photo.. "This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius..." :o

  4. Thanx, Guy!

    TH2, I think you meant to comment on another post! I'll respond to you there. :)

    (Nothing I haven't done before myself!)

  5. You just wait: I have some more Age of Aquarius dawnings coming up!