Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Random Observations at Year's End

- OK, I'll come right out and ask the question, even though some who read it will completely gloss over the fact that I am talking explicitly about the founders and leading lights of the groups in question.  In the early '70s, Our Lady of Akita warned of the Church being full of men who would accept compromise.  Does this include the founders and leading lights of the former Ecclesia Dei communities, which, in exchange for having given up their right to question the liturgical revolution and the novelties of Vatican II, are now firmly ensconced in a position to be ruthlessly suppressed?

- The 20th and 21st centuries will surely go down in history as the Age of the Pseudo-Law.  For a long time now, we in Church and State have been governed by things that look like laws but really aren't.  Laws that are unjust, as Aquinas says, quoting Augustine, are no laws; and any law that deflects from the natural law is only a perversion of the law.  So we have been plagued for decades by laws that are inherently unjust and deflect from the natural law, such as laws legalizing abortion, or the repeal of usury laws, or vaccine mandates. Then we have "laws" imposed by other than properly governing bodies, like mask mandates and lockdown orders, or, again, the court decision in the United States that legalized abortion as a usurpation of legislative authority, or, in the Church, the forced imposition of the new Order of Mass in 1970.  These are just raw exercises of coercive power that seem to be legal but really aren't.  Have we ever really looked at how many of these "laws" that we live (and die) by are pseudo-laws?  Bypassing the normal lawmaking process allows tyrants, counting on the apathy and ignorance of most people, to simultaneously impose their will and avoid accountability.

- We must not let our shock and hurt over Pope Francis' war on Catholic tradition cause us to overlook the invaluable service he thereby performs, apparently without intending to.  In seeking to eradicate tradition, Pope Francis brings stark clarity to the terms of the struggle between tradition and novelty, sweeping away the efforts toward d├ętente that have drained and crippled traditionalists for decades.  He has set aside the whole idea that the squishy, oozy, unwieldy mess of Vatican II novelties can be reconciled to the Catholic faith: by his words and conduct he pretty clearly shows he doesn't think they can be.  He has also decisively ruled out the peaceful co-existence of the Novus Ordo and the Mass of Tradition, and the idea that they are both legitimate expressions of the Roman Rite.  In these two areas, he actually aligns himself with those whom the liberals sneeringly call "Lefebvrists," disagreeing only on whether it is tradition or the Vatican II stuff that truly expresses the Catholic faith.  This is a net benefit to traditional Catholics, because the more clearly we see what we are really up against, the more apparent become the means by which we must deal with it, and the less time and energy we will waste on futile endeavors.

- Gibraltar, which has administered enough vaxx doses to inoculate over 160% of its population -- including people from outside the country who have daily business there -- is having a huge outbreak of the disease.  Israel, most of whose population is vaccinated, is looking at requiring a fourth shot.  New York City, known for its aggressive vaxx policies, says that it is experiencing an increase in people positive for covid, despite having over 70% of its population vaccinated.  Last, but not least, the warship U.S.S. Milwaukee, whose crew is 100% vaccinated, is stuck at Guantanamo Bay with a quarter of her crew positive for The Bug.  These facts ought to raise questions about this pandemic and what we are doing about it.

- Look at what is going on in Australia.  Why is this not happening here?  Because we all have guns.  Behold the real agenda behind gun control.  Attacks on our freedoms in the name of "safety" are never legit.

- If you watch mainstream media news programs, which are constantly pushing the vaxx message, have you ever noticed how many of them are sponsored by Pfizer?

- Feminists came up with the word "mansplaining" ostensibly to describe men explaining the ways of the world condescendingly to women -- although what they really mean by it is men arguing traditional values to feminists.  But apparently, it is okay and even laudable for men condescendingly to explain certain things to women.  For example, I for one am getting tired of having men solemnly instructing me, a woman of 51 years, on who is and who is not a female, and on why I need to go around with my face covered up so that I am an anonymous cipher in public in my own country.  This is real "mansplaining," and the feminists are silent about it.

- When are we going to figure out that bad faith is, in our time, the real coin of the realm in both Church and State?

- I don't really want to end this post on a bad note.  Therefore, I will share a video I watched last night of the casting in Annecy, France of the Maria Immaculata bell for the new SSPX church being built in St. Mary's, Kansas.  This is an extremely cool video that shows how the molten bronze was processed, purified, analyzed, and then poured into the mold, which was live-streamed on December 16th.  It then takes you through the whole process of how, over about a six-week period, they created the mold for the bell, and outlines the process of polishing and tuning the bell once it is liberated from its mold.

If you ask me, this video is about hope.  It shows that, like blades of grass shooting up through cracks in the asphalt, love and beauty are irrepressible.

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