Friday, September 07, 2012

What We Are Up Against, Part II

Times have gotten pretty tough in this country since Obama was elected.  Unemployment is up to 8.1%.  Gas prices have gone through the roof, and with them, the price of groceries.  (Seen tonight at my local Fred Meyer: $9.00 and change for a single 12-pack of root beer. !!!!)  Government has used billions in taxpayer money to bail out banks and take over the auto industry.  Government has taken over health care.  The administration has declared war on the Catholic Church.  The Democrat party has come out against God and in favor of abortion and gay "marriage."  But even all this doesn't mean we can count on Obama being voted out of office in November.

And our friends at Charleston Thug Life gives us some insight into why.  Study the outpourings of the children of the welfare state juggernaut.  And then consider that they, too, vote (felony convictions or not).  And they don't want anybody messing with their "free" stuff.

What we have with some of the commentators featured in these posts is a major subset of the Obama constituency.  They know next to nothing about history or economics or any other aspect of how the world works, but they feel really good about themselves and consider themselves entitled to be supported for free, so they can devote all their time to hedonistic pursuits.  When people of their mindset get to be the majority in this country, we're done.  Kaput.  Finito.  If indeed we're not already done, kaput, finito.

The other major subset of the Obama constituency is the elitists who dole out the bread and the circuses to the first major subset, convincing them that they belong at the bottom, so that the elitists can more easily run their lives.  Their natural enemies are those who are productive and who own property, because these are still mired in the old-fashioned, "natural law" superstitions about the rights that flow from the ownership of private property.  The goal of the elitists is to accumulate so much power that they needn't care what the children of the welfare state or anybody else think or want.  At that point, they can just kill anybody who opposes them.

Before you get all mad and start throwing around accusations of racism, remember that it is unsafe to assume the following: (1) that the people who run Charleston Thug Life are a bunch of whites; (2) that blacks and other minorities are happy about having to bust their humps to so that those who don't work can have luxuries working stiffs must deny themselves.  And before you dismiss all this as hysterical right-wing ravings, consider the appalling things our culture is now full of that would have been unthinkable just a quarter-century ago: obscene language and soft-core pornography on prime-time television; same-sex "marriage" legalized in many states; the gay lifestyle being taught to grade-schoolers; child molesters lobbying to declassify pedophilia as a mental disorder.  Now that we have cut ourselves loose from our Judeo-Christian moorings, ours is a society in which the unthinkable quickly morphs into the commonplace.

And the time to begin reversing this trend is running out.  

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  1. Three quick points. The education systems in the States have created two generation of people who hate the West and cannot understand how socialism undermines 2,000 years of Christian principles which have created the culture and governments of freedom. Two, the education systems have created a non-thinking public, who have no means with which to judge either ethics or politics. Three, the error of the death of real men who are courageous enough to lead us into an age of pride and strength is over. Keep up the good work here, but prepare for the worst.