Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When Are Catholics Going to Realize...

...that the whole climate change movement belongs to the culture of death?

Don't believe me? Read this.

For thus says the LORD, Who created the heavens (He is God!), Who formed the earth and made it (He established it; He did not create it a chaos, He formed it to be inhabited!): "I am the LORD, and there is no other. I did not speak in secret, in a land of darkness; I did not say to the offspring of Jacob, 'Seek Me in chaos.'"

Isaiah 45:18-19


  1. "Climate change" (a new term, before called "global warming") and those radicals that promote it, is simply socialism that has redressed itself after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The goal is the same - to diminish and eliminate the right to private property, to mitigate your freedom to use the gifts of the natural world that the good God has given humanity, and to elevate the the value of the natural world over the inestimable value and dignity of the human being. Same old Marxist crap - the media, celebrity tools, and dickhead politicians have fallen for this... hook, line and sinker.

    The crux of this whole matter, will be whether or not, the United States - the most powerful and influential country in the world - will sign the Copenhagen Treaty later this year.

    My dear Anita, TH2 loves the American people, but a socialistic nihilist has been voted for your president. Please, dear lady, do not let this twit sign that treaty. Heed the words of Lord Monckton.

  2. TH2, you said it. The environmentalist movement is filled with displaced Commies (e.g., Gorbachev). That's why I call them watermelons: green on the outside, red on the inside.

    By the way, re Obama: I know you have already figured this out, but I just want to emphasize: I didn't vote for the bastard.

  3. P.S. Rush Limbaugh played Lord Monckton's comments on his show. He was brilliant.

  4. Yes, I heard Monckton's segment on Limbaugh's program. Extracted from his speech, somewhere on YouTube. Monckton has also been interviewed on a Canadian talk show up here, on the Michael Coren program, also available on YouTube. Quite fascinating.

    So you know, TH2 works in the field of atmospheric science and is very well aware of the BS of climate model prognostications, etc.. I left to work in the private sector to avoid all of the politically correct academic/government groupthink.

    Yes, I already knew that V-girl did not vote for Obama.

    Like the watermelon analogy.

  5. I dislike that watermelon analogy!

    The Watermelon is my favorite summer food and to be compared to the Commie Greeners just about will ruin them for me.


    (But, I'm going to use that watermelon visual. My Pro-O family HATES the "Greening" of industry. My dad is an engineer and in major constrution. Those in the know, know that it's a bunch of malarky!)

    I do try to be responsible, recycle, try not to waste, cut down on water consumption...I am even known to move a turtle or two off the road out of harms way.

    But, I started to "get" that culture of death being ingrained into the "green" movement several years ago when I'd see mentions of "consider having only one child, or no children" listed as a way to lessen your carbon footprint.

    What a bunch of bull cocky.

    And for the record, Lola didn't vote for the Gore the O or any of the Czars either.