Friday, October 02, 2009

Neener, Neener!

It's pretty bad when I root for an American city to lose out on an honor like hosting the 2016 Olympics. But I couldn't help it: anything the Obamas want so much has to be bad.

On the other hand, Chicago should look at it as a blessing in disguise. If the Special Olympics in Boise earlier this year were such a pain in the ass (like the day they shut down the main drag out of downtown right when everybody was getting off work), how much more of a pain in the ass will the big Olympics be?

And how many more pains in the ass do Chicagoans really need?


  1. I know some Chicago natives who DID NOT want the Olympics there and were THRILLED to be voted out of the running!

    If you've read The One's comments, he only wanted it for his own ego, anyway. He has already elected himself a second term and wanted to be walking into the Olympics to open the Games.

    Wonder why he doesn't try to get to the Olympics the old fashioned way... by training, hard work, humility, obedience, integrity, fortitude, perseverance....

    Oh, wait...I WAS talking about O the Chicago political machine, wasn't I? Sorry. Lost my bearings for a moment....

  2. I tell you, Adoro, it was partly ego, but even more than that, you have to also figure money is involved. How many of Obama's Chicago pals stood to make a killing off the Olympics?

  3. Oh, I'm sure they all did. All he's done since he got into office was to pay off everyone who helped him get elected. Except for the average American, that is.