Monday, October 11, 2021

Let's Go Brandon!

I really do sympathize with the sentiment behind the outpouring of a particular anti-Joe-Biden expletive slogan at rallies and sporting events.  And I cannot truthfully declare myself innocent of having ever uttered that particular expletive myself.  

But: this is one time I am really glad we have come up with a euphemism for an expression of strongly-felt indignation.  Nearly 11 years ago, I gave my opinion in this space about the advisability of drafting vulgarity as a servant of the common good, and I haven't changed my thinking on this.  It is the liberals who set out to destroy manners and decorum, and we shouldn't be helping them with that.  I understand how the people feel who fly "F*** Joe Biden" flags from their houses or their pickups, but I really don't think we make the world a better place by making public obscenity ever more acceptable.  It's precisely in this way that we coarsen our sensibilities even more, until, before we know it, we won't be able to pick up on even the grossest evils.

"Let's Go Brandon," on the other hand, not only captures the sentiment behind the nasty flags and T-shirts without actually being nasty; it also has the secondary advantage of accurately targeting the media types who are trying to cover up the very real and mounting ire in the country over what Biden and his handlers are doing to us.  It is therefore even better than the original.  

And it's a chorus I can join.  Let's go Brandon!

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