Thursday, December 17, 2020

The United Oligarchy of America

2020 has been an eye-opening year.  We are seeing, in Technicolor, realities about the true current situation with both Church and State that we have ignored for many years.  We can no longer ignore them.

The chaos surrounding this year’s presidential election shines a spotlight on just where we are as a nation.  I think we are seeing on full display what has always been the case: political power does not in fact reside with the people, but with a powerful, moneyed minority of parasitic elites.  Maybe we should have figured this out years ago, from the fact that we keep getting hit with things that are bad for society, contrary to the common good, and not wanted by most people with common sense:

- Abortion.  We as a nation didn’t vote for abortion; it was imposed upon us by the Supreme Court.  Has anybody ever stopped to consider why, after almost 50 years, we have failed to get rid of it?  Why has the party that purports to be pro-life never mustered the political will to do away with it once and for all, even when it has been in power?
- Pornography as free speech.  Why doesn’t this kind of sex trafficking bother liberals?
- Gay marriage.  Even California voted against this (Proposition 8), yet overnight it became the law of the land in all 50 states.
- Women in combat.  Who wanted this?  How did this happen?  What has this done to our combat readiness?
- Dudes in the ladies’ room.  Did the screeching harridans of the ‘70s, like Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan, figure they were fighting for the right of men to invade ladies’ rooms?  Why do we not hear from them on this?
- Dudes invading women’s and girls’ sports.  Did the same screeching harridans figure males have a right to cheat at sports by taking advantage of their biological edge and pitting themselves against weaker opponents?
- The legal establishment of multiple genders.  Why aren’t feminists upset about “transgender” men making a mockery of women?
- Mask mandates and economic shutdowns, with dire threats for non-compliance from government officials who, in theory, are supposed to be our servants.  Clearly it is we who are the servants — nay, slaves.  Servants are at least treated with respect.

What all this should tell us is that what we have is only the illusion of political power, because we can VOTE.  But any time we vote wrong, we get punished.  What does our vote really mean in a world where, every time the Supreme Court is in session, we sit on the edge of our chairs, biting our nails, wondering what new 16-ton weight the Court is going to drop on us?  What does our vote really mean when the oligarchs who own us can effectively set aside the political process any time, in their estimation, we do the wrong thing?  

The United States is radically off-track, in the most literal sense of the word “radical.”  Although our Declaration of Independence contains vague allusions to an almost impersonal “Creator,” it cannot be denied that from our beginning as a nation we rejected explicitly the Kingship of Jesus Christ and tried to govern ourselves according to our own lights.  Thus we have made ourselves easy prey for the godless parasites who govern us with an iron rod.  These parasites now have the means and the technology to reach more deeply into our private affairs than they have ever been able to before, as well as armies of rioters to scourge anyone who falls out of line.  As Charles Coulombe puts it, we have managed to create for ourselves a mixed government that features tyranny, oligarchy and mob rule.

Perhaps the single biggest service President Trump has rendered this country is to flush out our Elders and Betters, forcing them to scurry out into the light and show themselves for the cockroaches they really are, and to expose the Potemkin village we have been living in.  It is a painful process for us who have invested so much faith in our political institutions, but a necessary one if we are ever to find our way back to the light.


  1. "it cannot be denied that from our beginning as a nation we rejected explicitly the Kingship of Jesus Christ and tried to govern ourselves according to our own lights."

    And that is the primary reason we're in the pickle we're in right now.

    But - it's always been true that the world has fought a war between good and evil. What I find shocking is how overtly anti-God so many people have become.

  2. Well, there used to be a stigma to being overtly anti-God (as opposed to covertly anti-God). Now the stigma is on the other foot: you’re a pariah if you’re pro-God, and especially if you’re a (gasp) traditionalist Catholic.

    There will now be an intermission for all those who need to go clutch their pearls.

  3. Do you ever read Mark Mallet on the world situation and the messages from heaven concerning these times? It's worth reading. Here is a link to his blog if you care to check it out.

  4. Wasn't it Cato that said something about the Roman republic ending when Roman values ended? Sure, it took four centuries, a lot in turmoil, but after Ceasar ended the republic and brought about the empire, downfall was only a matter of time.

  5. What country are you talking about? When "Roe" was decided, more than half the population lived in states where abortion was already legalized by popularly elected state legislatures. Assuming we could predict which states would be pro-Life based on current laws/attempted laws, the proportion of people living in states allowing abortions would be even greater now than then. Sex trafficking is the sale of people (mostly women) to be sexually exploited against their will. Pornography, while arguably immoral through many lenses, is comprised of adult actors who've signed contracts and consented to engage in sex. Who wanted women in combat? Many women wanted that right and have freely chosen to do so. Many men who favor equality want it as well. Same gender couples getting married - isn't that an example of getting the state out of the lives of consenting adults by not dictating the gender of one's chosen spouse? The author also conveniently left out the part about at least five states having approved equal marriage laws by popular vote and several others by popularly elected legislatures. Transgender men using men's rooms and transgender women using women's rooms has not resulted in any outbreak of restroom rapes. Nor should it. Toilet stalls are separated and private. Washing hands and combing hair together is such a big deal? And if we are indeed "pro-Life" and wearing masks and social distancing saves even just one life, shouldn't we all be doing so to show our genuine commitment to Life?