Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Painted into a Corner

If you take the position that Pope Francis is an antipope, and that Benedict XVI is still the true Pope: 

(1) What are you going to do if Benedict dies before Francis, thus, in your estimation, vacating the See of Peter?  What if Francis lives on for years afterward, filling the College of Cardinals with his own nominees? When Francis then dies, and a conclave convenes, how will you accept the result, seeing that it was arrived at by “cardinals” appointed by a false Pope?  Will not the line of Popes have been brought to an end?

(2)  What are you going to do if Francis dies before Benedict, and the conclave elects a truly holy, reforming and Catholic man to be the successor of Peter?  Are you not then in the perverse position of opposing that true Catholic as an antipope, and holding as invalid all his purportedly papal reforms, seeing that, in your estimation, he was elected by a conclave invalidly convened while the See of Peter was still occupied?

Haven’t you painted yourself into the corner of sedevacantism?


  1. If Francis dies before Benedict, can Benedict not step back into the Papal shoes, so to speak? I don't necessarily think Francis is the antipope but I do think he is a terrible pope. What is an antipope? Wouldn't that be one who assumes the papacy with the purpose and intent of destroying the Catholic Church (and be doomed to fail as per Christ's promise) Do we know that Francis had that agenda from the beginning? Or is he a weak and opinionated man, saturated by the homosexual culture that he supports, a man who has false humility and uses his office to stick his nose where it doesn't belong re politics? I don't know but I do know that I am so disgusted and appalled by the corruption in my beloved Church that I am seriously considering going to the Orthodox Church instead. I am and always will be Catholic, and would like your opinion on whether going Orthodox will allow me to remain so ?

  2. Shirley, an antipope is a false pope who lacks a legitimate claim to the throne of Peter. We have had times in the history of the Church when there was real confusion about who was the true Pope because of multiple claimants to the throne, each of whom appeared to have a colorable claim.

    As for going Orthodox, it seems you know the answer is that you can’t do that. If the Catholic Church is the true Church (and she is), and you know she is the true Church (and you do), then you can’t leave her and expect to be saved. The Barque of Peter is in a typhoon, and the guys on the bridge who are supposed to be sailing her are busy having a drunken orgy instead; but it still doesn’t make sense to cast yourself overboard.

  3. Thank you. It seems that the Church Militant is the Church Suffering On Earth these days.

  4. Yes, the only part of the rose garden that we were promised was the thorns!