Saturday, February 23, 2013

These Are Indeed Stern Times

The Holy Father abdicates, citing his incapacity in the face of a rapidly changing world shaken by questions of deep relevance for the faith.  Then, all kinds of things start happening in the lead-up to the next conclave that threaten to affect the selection of a new Pope.  Rumors fly regarding Pope Benedict's motives, and whether he wasn't really forced out, and whether his abdication had to do with a network of gay prelates in the Vatican.  We have some rather distressing statements coming from the bishops of Germany on the subject of the "morning after" pill in cases of rape.  We have Scotland's Cardinal O'Brien, previously outspoken in defense of traditional marriage, coming out in favor of priests getting married.  Now we have the news that this same cardinal is facing accusations of past misconduct.

Can anyone seriously doubt that the devil is putting in a lot of overtime at this particular moment in history?  And if the devil is putting in a lot of overtime, can anyone doubt that this particular moment is a critical one?

And if this particular moment is a critical one, we'd better ratchet up the prayers and penances.

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