Friday, August 24, 2012


I have a question for some of you whose consciences are shocked by the idea of executing persons who have been tried for and convicted of rape.

How can you support executing the untried and unconvicted child who is conceived in an act of rape?


  1. Similarly
    I am up to the back teeth of righteous promurderers accusing me when I havent mentioned the subject of being a prolifer hypocritically in favour of the death penalty, by default,as a given, or alternatively by assocuiation mentioning Joe bag-of-donuts, pudunk, ill, usa, probably mediaspun and twisted anyway, who is reportedly prolife and prodeath penalty. It is very hard not to go onto their turf, defend onself, say this is true of few prolifers etc. A mistake, responding to provocation.
    I am sore tempted to say, what is a rational position,if not in fact mine, that Yes ,as it happens I do believe in the death penalty, and would be perfectly happy to see it applied to any minor, including the unborn , with the same provisos as for adults: due process of law, jury verdict of guilt of a capital crime on the statute books, legal representation , right of appeal, and right of the accused to defend him or herself.