Sunday, March 25, 2012

Help Save the Ultrasound Bill

Remember the real face of abortion.
You may be aware, even if you do not live in Idaho, that there is a bill in the state legislature that will require a pre-abortion ultrasound as a condition of informed consent to an abortion.  An ultrasound demonstration was performed at the Statehouse, so that legislators could see for themselves what will be shown to pregnant women contemplating abortion.  The firestorm that has erupted amongst hell's fellow travelers and useful idiots testifies to the effectiveness of this demonstration.  Fascinating that the same crowd that wants to have the feds reach into the pocketbooks of Catholics to bankroll their reckless promiscuity is now suddenly worried about "government intrusion" by ultrasound.  

The state senate has passed the bill, but it has now stalled in the house.  Apparently the legislators, who are overly concerned with re-election, are hearing more from the abortion forces than from those who support life.  

Remember that the Annunciation, the Feast of the Incarnation, is upon us.  If you are an Idahoan, what more fitting way to honor the Incarnation than by contacting your state legislators and urging them to choose life.

UPDATE: A Life Rally will be held on the Capitol steps in Boise tomorrow, Monday, March 26th from 4-6 p.m. in support of the ultrasound bill, to prove to wobbly legislators that more than just 3 1/2 people support the bill.  Please be there if you can.  The ACLU is planning a "candlelight vigil" in opposition to the bill starting at 7:30 p.m.  Pray for rain.

UPDATE: The legislature will not pursue the ultrasound bill any further this year.  The 2012 session is expected to end this week.

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