Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Can Has Cheezburger?

On second thoughts...forget it.

This tray of slops is featured on Fed Up with Lunch: The School Lunch Project, a blog with a substantial readership by a teacher, Mrs. Q., who is eating the same school lunches her students are getting every day throughout 2010 and reporting on them, complete with photos.  Mrs. Q. says some of the items she is served are not bad-tasting (relatively speaking); but almost all of them look unappetizing.  For example:
This is a classic example of what we get when we let the government take over functions that traditionally belonged to mothers and fathers.

One of the hallmarks of real love is doing everything in one's power to give the beloved the best of everything.  This...
...ain't it.

Yet for generations, those who have the greatest stake in the well-being of children -- their parents -- have been persuaded to turn their kids over to the gentle ministrations of that which has the least stake: government.  Government usurps more and more parental functions, and performs them incompetently, on the grounds that parents allegedly aren't doing them at all.  This is government schools' excuse for taking an adversarial stance against parents, which stance is one of the philosophical underpinnings of the university education courses where your kids' teachers are trained.  And the reason parents are adversaries is because they are the single biggest obstacle to the government's ability to mold and shape children as it sees fit. 

Which brings us to the other rotten things kids are getting, of which school lunches are only the tip of the iceberg.  In an age when government schools have brought us sex education at younger and younger ages, political indoctrination, illiteracy, crime on campus, sex abuse perpetrated by teachers, condom distribution, the general breaking down of inhibitions and natural modesty, and a host of other bads, it shouldn't come as a surprise when they can't provide children with meals that at least measure up to the slop standards on your average hog farm.

Yeah, I know: not all public schools are bad; not all public schoolteachers are having sex with their students; my kids go to an excellent school; the school I teach at has high standards; you're being too hard on all the overworked, underpaid faculty and staff trying to eye-drop holy water into hell; etc., etc., etc.  But for all that there are individual teachers out there doing their best, there is a sobering reality, of which lousy lunches are only one sign, that parents need to grasp: 

The government simply does not love your kids.

Nor will it be around to pick up the pieces when your kid comes home with ptomaine poisoning.  So for God's sakes, pack him a lunch every day.

H/T the Crescat via Facebook. 


  1. Food again!

    Even that visually unappealing pagan berserker slop seems good to me right now - during Lent.

    Full disclosure: TH2 is a vulgarian.

  2. Awesome!

    Something my dh has been trying to persuade his patients to consider, packing a lunch, for the cummulative effect that a parents love will make better choices for their children.