Thursday, January 29, 2009

This must be the latest generation of Catholic teens, weary of being condescended to with lousy liturgy and rotten music, reacting to -- so help me -- "Alleluia 'Ch-Ch'." This bit of musical malarkey is the work of OCP stalwart Paul Inwood, who has also favored us with compositions such as "Today Is Born Our Savior," an unfortunate local favorite here as a responsorial psalm for Christmas, and -- again, so help me -- "Finger-Snap Alleluia".

I still say the continued prevalence of this kind of junk is all about not having a clue what it is that really happens at Mass. At Mass, we really are on Calvary. If the music's got a good beat, and you can, like, dance to it, does it belong at Mass?

For that matter, does it belong at Mass if it just plain sucks?

Hat tip (I guess; bringing this one to my attention is debatable) goes to the Curt Jester.


  1. Why not call that last one the Addams Family Alleluia?


    I look forward to the day when the allegedly non-profit OCP is out of business. GIA too.

  2. I had the same thought--it's the Addams' Family Alleluia!

    It should be paired with the Oscar Meyer Weiner Blessing and served cold (on ice, even) at the "community celebration" of the ousting of the liberal segment of the Church from power, which I'm thinking is already on the calendar. (Thank you, Holy Father.)

  3. Ooh--Anita! This Paul Inwood has some really interesting other stuff. Check this out:

    (Be sure to listen until the end, when the drums come in.)

  4. Hi Anita,
    My Aunt, who's a regular reader of your blog, directed me to this post since the subject covers a pet peeve of mine. There are even worse pubications out there than OCP. My parish subscribes to World Library Press, and despite some traditional selections, the music administrator chooses the unsingable contemporary crap. This is very distressing to me as a classically trained singer, cantor and traditional Catholic. And of course, how long is it going to take her to realize that the congregation's voice is NOT raised in song!