Monday, March 10, 2008

How I Spent My Afternoon

















Don't say I didn't warn you...

(...though at least I cleaned them up a little before photographing them...)

Yes, today I had a date with the oral surgeon, who, after cranking up the nitrous oxide as high as it would go, proceeded with great gusto to yank out an abscessed molar (right) and the broken wisdom tooth right behind it (left). He had to stitch up the holes these things left, and I feel pretty raw, but I have (a) some really far-out dope for the pain, man, and (b) the consolation of being rid of these tormenters. I unite this pain to the pain Christ felt when the high priest's servant struck Him in the face.

Why -- you may well ask -- am I keeping these disgusting things? Because the need to have them out arose at a time when it was beyond my resources to have it done; nevertheless, Divine Providence arranged to meet this need in spite of my lack. So from now on, they will serve as a reminder that God does provide. Being the weak creatures that we are, we all need to keep the reminders of Providence before us, even after we have had proof after proof of it. Look at the children of Israel: after the plagues upon Egypt, and the deliverance from slavery, and the pillar of fire, and the pillar of cloud, and the parting of the Red Sea, it still took them all of about thirty seconds to forget Whose Hands they were in. I can't honestly say I'm any different.

in case the above pic "grosses" out anybody in particular, then I respectfully remind him whose idea it was to post it.

(Even if I did go along with it.)


  1. Anita, it was with great anticipation that I ventured innocently to your blog only to be met with your excised molar. May I say the shock, awful as it may have been, was partially absorbed by the memory of the photo of my swollen, twisted ankle which I posted a couple of months ago. Let me congratulate you on your courage and your 'taste'. I would have posted too. If the rest of your blog is of this standard I'm going to enjoy it. Peace.

  2. Father, thank you for visiting my humble blog. I hope it lives up to expectations; I can assure you that that is the only pic I have ever posted of any of my medical trophies, but hope that you will not thereby be disappointed. Cheers!

    Marcus Magnus, it seems I need never worry about being bone dry as long as you're around to come up with snazzy ideas for me.