Friday, January 28, 2022

The End of Covid Restrictions...?

Amid public outrage over Downing Street parties while the rest of the country was under lockdown orders, Boris Johnson has called off all covid restrictions in England.  Some other countries -- including other British crown countries, like Australia, New Zealand, and Canada -- are doubling down on covid police state measures, but others, such as Ireland, Denmark and the Netherlands, are moving toward officially putting covid in the rear-view mirror.  Still others, such as Sweden, Norway and Finland, are signaling their intent to follow England's example.

Of course all this leads to speculation that some huge, cat-and-mouse super-strateegery is in play, pursuant to which these are only temporary respites, pressure valves to prevent the wrath of the unwashed masses from spilling over, while our rulers prepare an even more draconian crackdown.  This does look kind of coordinated.  It certainly would not be the first time we were turned loose, only to be clamped down on again -- like last year, when it started to become clear that the much-ballyhooed vaccines were failing of their promise.  Add to this the ever-changing narrative, plus the admissions of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behavior, a scientific advisory group to the British government, to having advised and encouraged the use -- in their words -- of unethical, totalitarian, dystopian fear tactics to force compliance with emergency measures, and it becomes obvious that the distrust is well-earned.  

Are we being played?  Could be.  Tyrants don't readily surrender their power, and this is all clearly not over yet.  On the other hand, people are waking up.  It is clear that the very people who claim to be the best-informed about the pandemic, and have all the answers about how to survive it, are not themselves worried enough about the risks to follow the oppressive rules they impose on everyone else.  It is clear that the "science" we are supposed to follow is constantly changing, yet must not on any account be questioned.  It is clear that the "life-saving" emergency measures are doing far greater damage than the virus they are supposed to address.  It is also clear, with millions of taxpayer-funded vaccine doses, the collapse of countless small businesses and growth of big ones, and the subsidizing of unemployment, that this whole ordeal has been a gigantic wealth-redistribution operation.  The politicians who have been doing the bidding of Big Pharma are feeling the pressure as people grow more and more irate at the unnecessary suffering inflicted on them, and gigantic demonstrations against lockdowns and vaxx mandates proliferate in cities all across the world.  

Personally, I have no doubt that this war waged by big business and government on the general population is being orchestrated straight from hell.  But as for the devil's human tools, I'm not sure most of them possess the kind of luciferian ingenuity that some are tempted to ascribe to them.  In all probability, most of them are driven more by selfish considerations, like greed or creature comforts or the desire to lord it over others, than by commitment to forwarding the revolution.  Also, since sin makes people stupid, and tools of the devil became tools of the devil through being sunk in sin, we cannot ignore the role of monumental incompetence in all this.  All the great totalitarian regimes in history have been riddled with it, and so bore within themselves the seeds of their own downfall.  Never underestimate the power of monumental incompetence.

Or the power of God, Who never ceases to be in charge no matter how bad things seem.


  1. I'm totally open to being proved wrong say assume point, but I'm completely on the same wavelength as you in terms of what you've expressed in your penultimate paragraph. Satanic ingenuity accompanied by and provoking it's hallmark chaos and confusion.

    1. Yes, ultimately the devil is in back of all this. But dull, plodding, mindless stupidity has also been a feature from the beginning, evident in the one-size-fits-all, ruthlessly enforced "solutions" and "safety measures" that so often achieve the opposite result to that allegedly intended. Satan makes use of human stupidity, but even for him it is an unreliable and precarious instrument. Only God can make perfect use of anything for His ends.

  2. I'm with you in thinking that this loosening of mandates is being allowed so that a greater evil can replace it.
    But the people are waking up; to wit the Convoy to Ottawa that is inspiring peaceful protest around the world. I did a blog post on it today.
    It's hard for me to think of our cowardly leader as smart enough to figure this out on his own; more likely he has run to his puppet masters for further instructions.
    Come, Lord Jesus. Adveniat Regnum Tuum.