Thursday, April 09, 2020

Fiddling While Rome Burns

Comes the news that Pope Francis is forming yet another commission to study the question of female deacons.

Millions of children are being destroyed in their mothers' wombs every year.  A post-Christian world is trying to redefine marriage and even obliterate the whole concept of male and female.  Atheistic secularism, hostile to Christianity, is the predominant world view.  A small minority of leftist elites is out to destroy Western culture and concentrate as much power as possible into their own hands.  The Catholic Church in China has been sold out to the communists.  Idols have been worshiped in the heart of Christendom on earth, in the presence and with the apparent approval of the Pope himself.  Sexual abusers have proliferated within the Catholic priesthood and episcopate.  And now, we're in the middle of a worldwide crisis where some people are getting sick and dying; many more are losing their livelihoods because of quarantines and the shutting down of "non-essential" services; and Catholics all over the world cannot receive the Sacraments or even pray in their churches.  Some bishops are going as far as to try to forbid priests to administer the Sacrament of Extreme Unction.  Hospitals are denying the dying access to priests.

And this is the time the hierarchy decides to fiddle with the impossible and futile project of ordaining women to the diaconate.

Decades of sissified liturgy, designed to make us comfortable and complacent and flabby rather than zealous for God and for souls, has produced Catholics -- and therefore priests and bishops -- who do not have a supernatural outlook.  The "spirit of Vatican II" church that for decades has pushed the need for the Church to be "relevant" to modern man has succeeded only in making itself irrelevant to real people with real trials and tribulations.

What an indictment of the modernist experiment within the Church.  


  1. As you say, it is an embarrassing indictment of the Church for the Pope to be studying the question of female deacons again, at the same time females are encouraged to destroy children in the womb. Across the developed world, abortion is declared to be an essential procedure rather than an elective procedure during a pandemic.

    It helps me see more clearly how God calls women to imitate Mary's "yes" rather than Eve's "yes". We need to ask women to create with God. It is more necessary than our serving Him at the altar.

  2. other news the Francis Fool made headlines on Breitbart for saying the Wuflu is, wait for it - “I don’t know if it is nature’s revenge, but it is certainly nature’s response,”

    Sooooo embarrassing.

    We're being tested - no doubt!

  3. Eye roll.....
    We are in dire need of intervention by the Holy Spirit.

  4. The author left out that one out of five Catholic parishes in America have no permanent priest, that the Catholic population continues to grow as the number of priests declines, that the median age of priests is now over 70, that countless parishes have been closed or merged over the past 40 years for lack of available priests, that "associate" pastors are anymore almost unheard of or that small recent increases in some seminaries will nowhere nearly compensate for the loss of active priests due to death or incapacity over the next two decades. Perhaps, then, studying the possibility of women deacons is only the beginning.