Saturday, April 22, 2017

By the Way...

...I just reminded myself.  Earth Day is really Lenin's birthday.  Here is the old bastard in a mugshot from 1895, looking every inch the punk kid brother of Satan.  And here is some first-rate commentary about his spiritual progeny, Ira Einhorn, the murderer who masterminded Earth Day.

Celebrate, if you must, this slithering hell-bait, the fuse that lit the explosion of destruction that was the 20th century.  As for me, I think I'll take the old internal combustion engine for a totally unnecessary trip across town in search of some white cheddar popcorn, the making of which produces greenhouse gas emissions.


  1. Have you got all your lights blazing, Anita? I sure do.

    Ol' Ira is pig poop crazy. He's 76 and has health probs so I expect him to die soon.

    We have two "professors" who are married to each other at North Idaho College (community college) who are big fans of Lenin. Ready? He's an ex-priest, and she's an ex nun. Their kids are nuts, too.

  2. D'oh -- I have a key light out. Gotta go turn that on.

    Never underestimate the longevity of murderers. Charles Manson, after all, is now 82. I have to figure he's being given the time to repent.

    I guess community college is NOT a bastion of sanity in the academic world.

    Incidentally, the white cheddar popcorn and its massive carbon footprint were delicious.

  3. Carlin has a great rant on Earth Day