Monday, January 23, 2017


To all you women who engaged in such shameful conduct over the weekend in D.C., and any similar conduct elsewhere, a few questions*:

1. Why is Madonna, who has spent decades touting herself as a sex object and who offered to administer blow jobs to anyone who would vote for Hillary, one of your spokespersons against the objectification of women?

2. Why, if you want to be thought of as more than a vagina, did you wear big pink vaginas on your heads and/or dress up in vagina costumes?

3. Why, if you want to be thought of as strong and smart and powerful and made of stern stuff, are you melting down over a man's crude remarks from 20 years ago?  Why, if you want to be noticed for your brains rather than your lady parts, did you cheer so loudly over Ashley Judd's utterly incoherent "nasty woman" rant?

4. How many of you, who are now screaming over Donald Trump talking about grabbing pussy, voted for accused rapist, exploiter of White House interns and actual grabber of pussy Bill Clinton?  How many of you voted for him twice?  How many of you continued to support him even after all the disgusting revelations?

5. Why in God's Name did so many of you expose your young children to the visual and auditory obscenity on display at the march?  Why did you make your young children wear vagina hats?

6. How is it that you have not figured out that it is precisely this kind of behavior, which is fit only for insane asylums, that helped motivate so many of the rest of us to use our votes to remove your party from power?

*Not addressed to the mercenaries who swelled the crowds in exchange for filthy lucre.


  1. I have exactly one libtard "friend", who happens to be an ex-girlfriend of my commie brother. She posted (with great glee) a sign from the St. Paul, MN march that said, "Grab him by the nutsacks." I kid you not. It also had a sack full of something or other tied on it. The march, touted as a "family friendly" event, was attended my many children who were assailed with some of the worst language and visuals I've ever seen.

    Now they're all in a lather over Trump putting back the Mexico City thingy. They're outraged because we will no longer be donating 600 million to the world so they can abort their babies. Don't you think the vets who are waiting for health care should be getting that money?

    I'm telling you, Anita - the devil is jumping with joy.

  2. Yes, but there is one consolation. Bishop Sheen used to say the devil has his hour -- but it's only an hour. God has His DAY.

  3. It was a vulgar display of all that is wrong with feminism. And then there was the bishop who wore a a vagina hat while saying Mass.... (excuse me while I puke).