Saturday, April 20, 2013

Why Must We Suffer?

The Boston Marathon bombing and the horrific West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion are the latest in a series of calamities, both natural and man-made, that have stricken this nation in recent months.  And the disasters fall on the good and the bad, the wicked and the innocent, men, women and children, without respect to age, race, class or creed.  In an instant, and without warning, people die, or are bereft of limbs, or lose everything they own.  Why does this happen to good people?  How are we to make any sense of this?  

We need to take seriously the catastrophes that are falling on this country in ever greater numbers.  A solid young priest gives us food for though on this, and some direction on how to cope with it.  It is worth the half-hour it takes to listen.


  1. What a great reference! Thank you for the sermon link and for sharing the "audio sancto" site!!

  2. Excellent! Thank you for sharing. I have a much better understanding on why we must suffer.