Sunday, April 14, 2013

We Cannot Tame the Spirit of Murder, Part II

Is it possible that the reason for the media's failure to cover arch-abortionist Kermit Gosnell's murder trial is that the details are too shocking and disgusting?  Seems hard to believe in an age when kids spend their days and nights parked in front of gory video games, women regale the United States Congress with details about their promiscuity, liberals bring a peculiar gay sex practice out of the shadows to denigrate the Tea Party movement, and a popular television drama portrays a serial killer as the good guy.  American culture these days sets the bar pretty high on disgusting.

So how has the Gosnell story proven to be too much for a media gluttonous for sensation?  Is it over the top that Gosnell targeted the children of poor women, immigrants and minorities for extermination?  That he plunged scissors into the necks of babies to sever their spinal cords?  That he was in the habit of finishing the job once they were outside the womb?  That he kept chopped-off baby feet around the office?  That he ran his "practice" amid conditions of unspeakable filth?  That he forced patients to undergo abortions after they had changed their minds?  That mothers died or were seriously wounded under his gentle ministrations?  That he employed a fifteen-year-old high school sophomore as part of a school work-study program to assist in actual abortion procedures?  That he got into the abortion industry in the first place?  

Or is it that Gosnell has committed the iniquitous crime of embarrassing the abortion industry by failing to maintain a facade of smiling, healthy, sanitary professionalism?  After all, Roe v. Wade was supposed to eliminate clothes-hanger abortions and put the back-alley butchers out of business.

The ugly truth is that this is what the abortion industry is all about.  An abortion mill can be cleaned and sterilized and cheerful and sunlit, with brightly colored curtains, friendly receptionists and a phalanx of the world's best doctors and nurses; but at least -- at least -- fifty per cent of all those who enter an abortion mill leave it as corpses.  Zero per cent leave unscarred.  Dead, mutilated babies and haunted mothers are what abortion is all about, with or without lab coats, antiseptics and medical degrees.  Abortionists themselves acknowledge that abortion means killing children.

No, the Gosnell blackout probably has to do more with how damaging this story is to the pro-abortion narrative, in which the murder of children in their mothers' wombs is portrayed as a women's health issue.  But it's high time Americans came face-to-face with the realities of this constitutionally protected rite of human sacrifice.

H/T Digital Hairshirt, who also brought us the real face of abortion:
Never forget this face.


  1. Humans no longer want to take responsibility for their own actions. Even Catholic authors (not you) want to find a reason for someone like Gosnell. Gosnell is responsible for Gosnell, and everyone who decides to do murder regularly on such a scale in abortion clinics is deciding for their own twisted reasons.

    The media blames guns or poverty or whatever for evil, but we Catholics understand what it is and from where it comes.

    Until we stop this over-psychologizing of evil, we shall be caught in such horrific situations.

    Evil is with us as it always has been. We can and must choose daily, nay or yay.

  2. True, but I would say humans have never wanted to take responsibility for their own actions -- all the way back to the Garden of Eden, when Adam ate the apple and tried to pin it on Eve, who then tried to pin it on the snake.

  3. The media won't address this because they are culpable for every innocent who has been killed in their mother's womb. Abortion would end if they told the TRUTH! The modern media is our greatest enemy and most of these people have no idea who they are truly serving.