Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pope Francis

The first Pope from the New World.  The first Jesuit Pope.  The first Pope to be named Francis.  Since he is the first Pope to follow a Pope who abdicated for reasons of age and health, it is fitting that the new Holy Father should be a Pope of Firsts.  

But Pope Francis is not the first Pope to prove that, as usual, the "experts" don't know squat.  So much for all the talking heads!  So much for my (non-expert) opinion, too, for that matter, since I was wrong all the way down the line: Cardinal Burke did not get elected, and the new Pope did not take the regnal name of Benedict.  Evidently, at this moment, Cardinal Burke is exactly where the Church needs him.  I can't deny I'm disappointed, but the Holy Spirit may safely be presumed to know better than I.

Therefore, I hope I can look forward to being cured of my disappointment very soon.  Long Live Pope Francis!

UPDATE: Word on the street: it appears that, as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, the new Holy Father had Summorum Pontificum up and running in his archdiocese in 48 hours.

SECOND UPDATE: It seems the first update was a bit hasty.  See here.  Clearly, thought and prayer are needed.


  1. I'm disappointed too and like you I wanted Cardinal Burke, but God's will be done. The opening antiphon of today's evening prayer is: "Lord, how wonderful is your wisdom, so far beyond my understanding." Jesus, we trust in you!

  2. Siobhan, I noticed that antiphon last night, when I was getting my ribbons ready for tonight. That is indeed ultimately Whom we have to trust in. We are in totally uncharted waters.

  3. P.S. - I'm also a lay member of a religious community - 3rd Order Carmelite.