Tuesday, November 08, 2011

November 8: Feast of All Dominican Souls

On November 8th, the Order of Preachers celebrates the Feast of All Dominican Souls.  

Rest in peace, Sr. Elizabeth, Sr. Noreen, Sr. Donalda and Sr. Kathleen -- the Dominican sisters who ran the Catholic grade school I attended.  When the not-very-prepossessing Sr. Elizabeth was lining us up outside our classrooms in the morning and measuring the distance between each kid, and Sr. Kathleen of the bright orange hair was bopping us over the head with pencil erasers, and they were all marching us off to Mass in our uniform sweaters in 90-degree weather, I little thought that I would one day become their sister in St. Dominic.

Nor, I suppose, while they tried unsuccessfully to make me keep my desk clean or quit acting up on the playground, did they ever foresee such an eventuality.

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