Monday, August 08, 2011

O Wondrous Hope

Dominican student brothers sing the Dominican Hymn O Spem Miram:

And here is our friend Giovanni Vianini teaching the Dominican chant version.

What wonderful Hope thou gavest in thy dying moments to those who were in sorrow around thee, when thou promised that thou wouldst help thy brethren after thy death. Fulfill thy promise, Holy Father, and help us by thy prayers. Thou who so often showed thy strength by healing the bodies of the sick, and bring to us also the power of Christ and heal our sick spirits. Alleluia. 

And on this feast of Holy Father Dominic, I learned of the passing of Amil Myshin, an attorney I worked with.  Amil was a kindly man, full of laughs, a gentleman and a fine lawyer who spent himself in the service of some very challenging clients and died in harness.  Please pray for the repose of his soul.  R.I.P.

UPDATE: Idaho Statesman story on Amil.