Saturday, July 23, 2011


H/T Mulier Fortis

Hell's useful idiots in the governments of Ireland and Australia are trying to pass legislation that would purport to require priests to turn in penitents who, in the Sacrament of Penance, confess to sexual crimes against children.  Independent Senator and Nick Xenophon of Australia argues that priests shouldn't be "allowed" to "hide" behind a "religious practice." Says the howling ignoramus and dupe of Satan: "There is no contest when it comes to protecting the innocence of a child or maintaining a religious practice.  Why should someone be absolved of their sins...when it comes to child abuse because they've got a pat on the back from their priest?"

Just one question.  How many of you people who support this assault on the sacramental seal in the name of "protecting the innocence of a child" also support:

Abortion on demand?



Sex education for children?

Gay adoption?

The distribution of contraceptives to children?

Abortions for minors behind their parents' backs?



  1. Thanks for the hat-tip, Anita. Oh, and your point is very pertinent too!

  2. Thanks, Mac! And thank you for spreading that image.

  3. Since when do you get a "pat on the back" from your priest at confession? They're nutz, nutz, I tells ya!

    Seriously, this is discouraging. The Church will never live down this terrible ongoing scandal. It is like the terrible things in our lives, we feel that God can never make any good come of it. But He will in the end, I guess (there's the unsureness again...).

    We must pray all the harder. More rosaries. Get out the old Raccolta of Indulgences which has tons of great prayers.